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Zero-G Challenges Of A Trip To Mars! | - At Up-Tube.com

ZERO-G Challenges of a Trip to Mars! 6 months ago   07:35

A trip to #Mars involves radiation, muscle and bone loss, intermediate axis theorem and liquids.
Check out Mars on National Geographic, Monday Nov 12 at 9/8c

When I got offered the chance to fly in another #zeroG plane, I jumped at the chance. Do you know how hard it is when you are thrust into low-gravity, like the 37% of Earth's gravity of Mars, and you have to remember what you were going to say in a 30 second window as blood floods your head? It's pretty hard. It would be even harder to actually travel to Mars. It would take about 8 months in microgravity during which time your muscles and bones would weaken substantially, even if you exercise for hours a day like the astronauts on the space station. And your heart is a muscle too so it weakens as well. Before I contemplated these rates of muscle and bone loss, I thought the major challenge with a round trip journey to Mars would be the logistics of spacecraft and having enough fuel to get back. But with the weakening of the human body, it's an open question whether anyone would really want to come back.

Filmed by Steve Boxall

Music from Epidemic Sound: http://epidemicsound.com

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Josh 104
That is B727 they are so old
Charles Aguilar

_uhhh why u lookin at me granpa_
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Poor guy
Got kicked in 3:09
Kartu Domino
Can you stop talking?
T Celestine
0:30 he eats ass
3:07 he get kicked
3:22 he tried to kick him back
3:30 he tries to bite him
3:36 gets bullied again

And most importantly he likes my comment.
Anna Lialine
I had a space exploration masterclass ad before this and now I'm questioning my existence
Joseph Owings
Tony hawk did this
John Carter of Mars, secret released
LifeWithLonna periodt
omg i think i’ve watched colonel before
LifeWithLonna periodt
i thought bill nye was behind him
Jonathan Davis
Oh we are all crazy
Kfcpi Roblox
Him: try’s to tell facts
Oliver BL
y did I think it would be way harder to kill yourself sorry
Javor Bogdanov
just how expensive is it to get on this plane thing???
Alex Rich
The flash he saw was aliens escaping area 51 before September 30
Admin Studio
Is nobody ganna mention that grown ass men are acting like a flock of birds....all I hear is woo woo wooooo wooooo in the back ground
The Real Clayton
so why do aliens have more bone density.
mark rober clone
Kaley Blevins
So this is where they film all the nasa videos good to know lol
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ZERO-G Challenges of a Trip to Mars! 6 months ago   01:09