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Apple's Wwdc19 Keynote In 12 Minutes | Steve Jobs Iphone 2007 - At Up-Tube.com

Apple's WWDC19 keynote in 12 minutes Steve Jobs iPhone 2007 4 months ago   12:15

Apple's WWDC19 keynote presentation brought a new Mac Pro, as well as all the latest developments for iOS, MacOS Catalina, WatchOS, TVOS and the announcement of iPadOS. These are the biggest announcements from the show, including a new Mac Pro and Pro Display, dark mode on iOS, Siri enhancements and voice control.

Apple WWDC 2019: iOS 13 dark mode, Mac Pro, MacOS 10.15 and everything Apple just announced: https://www.cnet.com/news/apple-wwdc-2019-ios-13-dark-mode-mac-pro-macos-10-15-and-everything-apple-just-announced/

All the WWDC19 announcements
Apple Watch getting its own App Store: https://cnet.co/2IgKDiO
Apple TV gets multi-user feature on TV and Apple Music apps: https://cnet.co/2JSQCh7
Apple privacy push takes on all the creepy ways you're tracked online: https://cnet.co/2IeqCcN
Apple TV to support PS4, Xbox One controllers: https://cnet.co/2MmWy3N
Apple Memoji get accessories, makeup and stickers: https://cnet.co/2We88Oo
Siri learns to read incoming iMessages (and she'll sound more humanlike, too): https://cnet.co/2QGZmre
HomePod gets multiuser support, live radio and audio transfer: https://cnet.co/2IeeOHq
Apple HomeKit security features come to routers and cameras: https://cnet.co/2W8PzLK
Dark mode color scheme is coming to iPhones with iOS 13: https://cnet.co/2HSScx5
Apple WWDC 2019 gives CarPlay its biggest update yet: https://cnet.co/31fp4bg
iPadOS gives Apple's iPads their own operating system: https://cnet.co/2WJ2zfe
Apple Find My unveiled as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends merge: https://cnet.co/2MmWYHp
WWDC 2019: WatchOS 6 gets a noise app, activity and cycle trackers: https://cnet.co/2WmiAZ4
WWDC 2019: Apple updates WatchOS 6, includes voice memo and calculator: https://cnet.co/2WCitrX
Apple's iOS 13 brings new photo and camera tools: https://cnet.co/2Woa9wr
Apple Voice Control widens voice accessibility to iOS, MacOS: https://cnet.co/2WL0QWI
Apple's ARKit gives AR apps motion capture, lets you step inside a digital creation: https://cnet.co/2ww86XZ
Apple update lets you use iPad as a second screen: https://cnet.co/2XmvKC5
New Apple Mac Pro or cheese grater? WWDC reveal inspires muenster debate: https://cnet.co/2QGoTkp

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Comments 5855 Comments

mac pro does look like a cheese grater but i do think it’s hawt
LaArs hos LajoD
wounder when they will use their own hardware in presentations.. like the iphone or applewatch or the tv remote for instance...
Prentis PHL
although Apple bring out very old features to their products there is one thing i cant deny and that is whatever feature they add they make sure its running as smooth as possible. besides the butterfly keys they added to the MacBooks because they were horrible but everything else is good
Other Computers with these components will cost 8k.... Lol wut
Andrew Rydvansky
black mod
type with swipe
James Waugh
Key words here... For the first time ever in an APPLE device. Knowing every other company has had this technology for ages now. Smh
What? Dark mode, swipe.... It's unreal! What more to expect? The freedom to move apps around? Or probably in the next FANTASTIC ios 😂
How do people even clap when they see the price?
Joe Maldonado
"This is our new cheese grater... and it grates cheese faster than ever before!" :)
Hanxi Guo
I like how you cut the $999 stand in the video
If Apple sold a potato people would still buy it.
Gotta hand it to Apple. They steal everyone else’s ideas, improve them immensely and have a rabid fan base that buys and enjoys the improved technologies. They got it figured out
Repair Man
Tim Crook says Apple is failing because Trump is a Racist but we want something better for the higher prices that Apple charges. I just watched Macworld 2001 in NY. Steve Jobs was able to give you State-of-the-art technology at last years prices. Tim Crook should have been fired when the iPhone7 failed. I can’t buy a MacBook Pro because they took the metal springs out of the keyboards which now fail at 6 months of daily usage. Now Tim Crook lost to Samsung and is trying to get Trump to block Samsung from selling in the USA.
Vladyslav Didenko
I would love to cut designer’s hands !! WTF, the same Apple in my Kitchen for 10$
Why do they all speak like they're telling a story to a bunch of 1st graders? Is that the most effective way to sell overpriced garbage to people?
Ray Sidhu
256 SSD really? come on
Meedo World
this Ceo make fun of himself he should stop that swipe darkmode! and using offshelf xeon cpu to sell us somehing we can get way cheaper i can get same power with much less price Arm Cpus is rising and soon this potato box will be a joke
cakone micke
People need to buy Apple only, and only too eat and nothing more. Apple products sucks hard
Maybe next gen we'll see something more than "same as last year, only a bit better". Commodification is real.
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Steve Jobs iPhone 2007 Apple's WWDC19 keynote in 12 minutes 4 months ago   08:49