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River Phoenix, Robert Reed and Deidre Hall star in a scene from a 1984 episode of HOTEL.

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River always has such a strong presence on screen. overshadowing his co-stars unknowingly
How have I not seen this
Mary Hughes
Wait a minute, football was apart of the Olympics in 1992? Rivers character says "I figured by '92 I'll be ready for the gold" and a couple lines later the dad says "kick off is at 2" witch makes me think he is talking about football. I don't remember football being apart of the Olympics.
Sal Paradise
this kid endured a lot of shit in early years.
Josh Mcdonald
Take course else coach faith requirement replacement either.
Veggie Whxre
Lol my ovaries exploded
YU Yvonne
miss you so much
he is so sweeeet
River so adorable as always
Mina Arias
Wow! River had such a charm in his acting!
Beautiful Person, Beautiful Talent.
Love ya Rio :)
i hated this tv-series,it was so 1980s
Oh River....
This is lovely, thanks for the clip! :) J'adore...
he was 14 here but he seems like he's 10
melody paige
aww he was sooo adorbale!
Charity Brown
aww he's too cute!!
Cellar Door
I miss him terribly to this day. I love you Rio!!!!
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
sweet rio jude.. you are missed forever! colleen
Julia Lennon
a ti te consta que dices que es gay ?
Thank you sooooo much for posting this.
It's fantastic
Ahhh something new with Riv! how refreshing is this!! THANK YOU sooooo much!! and yeah, he does seem a better actor than the adults on there! haha! sweeet! and his voice, adorable :)
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River Phoenix Tribute - Who You'd River Phoenix - HOTEL - 1984 1 day ago   04:12

A fan tribute to the late actor, activist and musician River Phoenix.