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Game Theory: We Were Totally | Game Theory: Phoenix Wright - At Up-Tube.com

Game Theory: We Were TOTALLY Game Theory: Phoenix Wright 3 months ago   17:39

The Game Theorists
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Bendy FOOLED Us! ► https://bit.ly/2JaTzWi
Bendy's Tragic Ending EXPLAINED ► https://bit.ly/2SbdZa0

Today we are explaining what the ending of Bendy and the Ink Machine is all about...again. Stay with me! We've uncovered new evidence that suggests the ending is so much more than we initially thought. The whole TIMELINE has changed! We need to start at the very beginning to be able to unravel the twisted tale of Joey Drew Studios.

Find the game here! ► https://joeydrewstudios.com/batim/

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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cupcake nose
Miro plays why u say 413 it actually 414 if u dont get it watch mat pat next bendy video
If Allison angel ,Tom, Sammy and Boris have no soul then why do they have human traits but bendy dosen't?
At the end with the Joey drew talking to Henry you can see storyboards for the chapters
Isaiah Rucker
You were wrong about one thing!
Allison Pendle is not Alice Angel! It's just regular Alice Angel!
Cotton the beautiful unicorn Magic pony
F is for friends who do stuff together U is for you and me N is for anywhere in any time at all down here in the big blue sea
Anthony Silva
Wait I thought perfect Alice and Mecha Boris were Tom and Allison? But if they wrote the letter and didn't go to the studio then how were they created. How can Joey create them without their soul?

Also also, why does perfect Alice say she doesn't recognize him? Wouldn't she recognize a bendy? Or whatever Henry was created to be? Or is Henry not yet created? But he is dead (per the article), so where is his soul if he isn't yet put thru the ink machine?
FuzzyCookie Draws
Spence Brooks
I think we are bendy
Mr. Chimney, Inc.
Me Bendy and Alice angel😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Glorious Victory
This theory may be a little unpopular, but...

Henry wasn't turned into a Bendy character. When he was shoved through the Ink Machine, he became an ink version of himself. The PERFECT ink creature. I say perfect, because all other ink creatures are affected if they touch the ink for extended periods of time, but Henry is immune. I think the reason Imperfect Alice asks "What are you?" is because she senses that he's not human but he also exhibits characteristics not present in all other creatures of the ink. This could be the reason Allison and Tom distrust him at first, as well.

As for Joey, either he gets to the studio before Henry and hops into the machine becoming Ink Demon Bendy before Henry can get there, or Joey was already I.D. Bendy but left an ink creature version of himself at his house.

But hey, that's just a theory. An amateur theory! Thanks for reading.
Anna Persaud
5:46 is hands down my favorite part of this video because of the bnha reference in the captions
i liked the other end when joey gets his family
Elizabeth Wines
Wait... 1440 assets... like the 414 number?
Church of Absinthe
Late to the party, but could the "Joey?" audio file refer to the voice we hear during the ending, not the Beastly Bendy?
cookie girlyc
Guys when i was listening a bendy song that called welcome home
There are clues for this video you have to listen the song carefully.

Im not lieing i was listening it all day to understand what the song was talking about.
Michael Nguyen
ahh, so Sammy doesn't have a soul.
James Heikkinen
your the same person in The Game Thoerists
So if Henry is another sacrificed victim, which character is he? Or is he just another generic ink person like the others in that little shanty town?
I now have a theory, but this comment will probably be lost in the massive sea of comments for a while. Anyways, this theory is about how Bendy could be an occurrence of the events of FNAF in another universe. There are ties and similarities between Bendy and FNAF. Joey drew is similar to Afton. He sacrificed his fellow workers into the ink machine and took their souls and put them in the ink creatures, similar to how Afton murdered the children who later became the animatronics. So there's my theory.
Sing To The Clouds
Matpat: look bendy is smiling
Bendy: 😬
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Game Theory: Phoenix Wright Game Theory: We Were TOTALLY 3 months ago   15:41

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