Phantom Ranch - Grand Canyon Inside the Grand Canyon: 6 days 2 days ago   09:51

During this autumn season, we give thanks that special places like Phantom Ranch continue to exist. Here is a little love song for Phantom Ranch, the "Heart of Grand Canyon"

Phantom Ranch, is a historic oasis nestled at the bottom of Grand Canyon; a storied place that can only be reached on foot, by mule, or by rafting the Colorado River.

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Grand Canyon In Depth is a video podcast series that explores the natural and human history of Grand Canyon National Park. Produced by the National Park Service in association with Bristlecone Media and Grand Canyon Association, the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park.

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Michelle Caravantes
You know it would be totally fantastic!!! If you didn't feel the need to play music so loud in the background that you can hardly hear the person taking. If I need background music when I'm trying to watch a video. I can turn my radio on. I don't need loud music when I'm watching a video. Like who wants to struggle to hear what a person is saying
William Griffin
thats a vulture not a Condor. and im guessing you missed the name tag of Emily Davis ???!!!
Hannan Pakthini
My utmost salute to Martin Litton.
Junior Balls
These videos are a fantastoc advert for the Park, well done 😁
Robert Janssen
Make this cool phantom ranch video go viral!
Francois Bienvenu
I am there enjoying it
Tread on Dirt
i'm 12 and i'm going there spring break of 2019 that's this year i'm so excited we booked the mule trip i cant weight i hear its awesome.
joe Domjan
Absolutely beautiful! I hope I get to visit that place before Trump starts letting people drill for oil and strip mining for coal.
libertyn jeopardy
the only problem with this hike is the leftist pony tailed ranger who runs Phantom Ranch Campground like a Nazi Gestapo Agent, hes lazy and does not know what a rake is! Hes constantly enforcing stupid camp rules like a 60s hippie commune which is where he really belongs. His goal is to get you in and out with the least amount of work on his part! Dirty rest rooms, no maintenance to speak of, just collecting a govt check while playing park ranger. His uniform is a joke, he looks like a homeless man wandering the camp like a zombie, telling you not to do what he actually does, pot, weed, a doobie is okay when he does it, but light a cigarette or cigar and this guy explodes and starts talking fire hazard! Theres never been a fire to speak of at Phantom Ranch and the mule drivers smoke as do employees of Xanterra the only people who actually work down there. This gherkin hippie left wing Ranger has turned Phantom Ranch into his personal nirvana and everyone else be dammed for violating his utopia. Hes a joke and should be fired!
Mrjolie 666
I thought she’d get into the forbidden caverns & the hidden parts kept off access to the pubic
😒😑 still a good video though ✌🏼👍
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
Nuno Fernandes
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Inside the Grand Canyon: 6 days Phantom Ranch - Grand Canyon 2 days ago   23:21

6 day Rafting & Hiking trip on Colorado River in the Upper Grand Canyon - Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch. Major highlights: North Canyon, South Canyon, Vasey's Paradise, Redwall Cavern, Bridge of Sigh, hike at mile 36 and hike at Eminence Camp, Saddle Canyon, Nankoweap, Little Colorado River, Carbon Creek/Lava Canyon hike, Tabernacle hike.

After river trip, on the 7th day we walked up to the South Rim (separate video from the Grand Canyon Arizona playlist shows that part of the trip).

Re-post of my 2010 video. The quality cannot match my recent 4K uploads, but the trip was so stunning and the memories so alive - I decided to re-post.

Recorded Sep 21-26 2010 in HD with Canon HV30.

Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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