Shootout: 2017 Chevy Colorado 2016 Midsize Pickup Challenge: 5 months ago   14:57
If you have dreams of racing in Baja, but lack a race team’s budget, it’s a good time to be in the market for a pickup truck.

That is thanks to the Chevy Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, two midsize off-road focused pickups with a special emphasis on high-speed desert running.


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Tyler Melton
Worst review ever! Why would you even mention a Ford craptor in this review.
Eman WacaGator
I have had the Toyota and nothing bad to say.  This time went with ZR2 in my humble opinion way superior 4WD system.
Dude do you really know anything about serious off road...apparently not...comfort...stay home on your couch you are so bias that its sickening! Try and follow me and see what is left of your rolling couch...lmao!
Rigo Cornejo
Colorado is a fat man that hate his body and toyota is the fit man training and loving life.
R. de Guia, Jr.
Over-all, longevity wise, Tacoma is far far ahead compared to Chevy. Tacoma can reach one million miles with out any major repairs if you do necessary and regular maintenance. Remember, Toyota brand is number one rank in World. You can research it.
Acurawilly 98
This big dude is getting paid by chevy fucken Hater 😂😂
Dario Galvan
wreck'em tech
I want a mini ram rebel trx, how about that
Expose The Truth
Chevy makes the best cars and trucks in the world......Chevy SS.....Chevy ZL1-1LE....Chevy ZR2.  Toyota is bland and boring as always.
Dan Kent
I've had 2 Chevys, 2 Dodges, 2 Fords and 4 Toys... the Chevys and Dodges all lost trannys at 100k. The Toys went over 200k each w/o major repairs. My 98 4runner has 330k miles and runs better than any of the American trucks ever did!
Ryan Clark
I was never much of a Chevy fan, but they have come such a long way the past few years. Toyota is getting complacent, and the new Tacoma's reliability isn't measuring up to the Tacoma's of the past. So to all of you saying the Chevy will be junk in a few years, you might want to do your homework.
Antonio Lucas
Who puts a 200lb dip shit to review these amazing trucks.
Chevy all day!!
You gots pay more for American quality. Think Boeing, Snap On, Cummins, Viking, GE, Intel microprocessors, etc. Foreign made is trash.
GM needs to step up it’s interiors and take a cue from Ram Longhorn. I expect a painted plastic interior from Toyota, but come on Chevy wake up already and put a premium interior into your premium trucks.
USA makes all the best stuff. Unions ruin it. Chevy sucks but Toyo sucks worse. Ram Power Wagon rules!
Chris Anderson
Colorado hands down. TuRD is just junk
Leon Flames
Chevy Colorado is king of all trucks.It got motor trend truck of the year back to back for a reason.The 1.1k thumbs down are from pathetic Tocama owners😂😂😂
Jeff Stewart
It's BS that Toyota lasts longer than Chevy, just good advertising. Check the real world facts. I just looked online at the free KSL auto classified in Salt Lake City where I live. It's easy to search by brand, and see Toyota and Chevy for all cars/trucks listed with over 200k miles on them for sale. It shows 520 Chevies out of 9,351 total Chevies listed, and 409 Toyotas out of a total of 7415 listed. You do the math and Chevy beats Toyota for having 5.6% vs. 5.5% of all their cars listed online having over 200k miles on them. This is reality, not advertising. Quit the BS of believing Toyotas are better, it's in your head but isn't backed by facts. Google KSL autos and do your own analysis. This simple analysis includes all cars and trucks for sale used and new by both brands. Proof is in these user real life numbers. These numbers for Chevy are much better than for other brands like Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, etc. too.
this guy is a sellout.
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2016 Midsize Pickup Challenge: Shootout: 2017 Chevy Colorado 5 months ago   04:29

Our 2016 Midsize Pickup Challenge panel of judges had the chance to flog each of the 4x4 competitors at a private off road park just outside Ann Arbor, MI. We played in the sand, on hill climbs, over rocky trails, even playing in the mud. What we discovered surprised us.

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