Shootout: 2017 Chevy Colorado Tacoma Battle: 2018 TRD Sport 1 day ago   14:57
If you have dreams of racing in Baja, but lack a race team’s budget, it’s a good time to be in the market for a pickup truck.

That is thanks to the Chevy Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, two midsize off-road focused pickups with a special emphasis on high-speed desert running.


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John B
Good. Both great truck. 4x4. And four door
Jim Jim
What about reliability? This is what makes Toyota King for me. I heard some ugly things about the Chevy, as one guy posted he got a lemon.
Neil Carter
From the looks of it, a Big Mac puts a smile on your face...
Tyler P
The raptor has more power, sure, but power to weight is better in the zr2
Why do Chevy owners call those who tell them the facts about their Tacoma liberals? What does one have to do with the other?. Rednecks are so quick to objectify someone who disagrees with them. Chevy doesn't care about you anymore than Toyota does. If you want to be brand loyal for the stupid ideal Chevy is going to put money back into your community or send your kids too school then go and be an idiot. Idiots are blindly brand loyal. Those with any amount of intelligence spend their money as responsible consumers. If you like the look of the Chevy better or the feel of the truck then buy it but be prepared to replace it before your neighbor who buys the Tacoma for its superior motor, transmission, fit and finished and overall reliability.
Christian Rojas
How did you fit in these trucks?
Juan Albino
Well technically it’s an Isuzu D Max.
Love my 2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2 V6 , 308 Horsepower ,CatBack Performance Exhaust.Bose Speakers.I couldn't be more happy with it.Get looks in it every where I go.I live in the San Francisco Bay Area,and there are a million Tacomas driving around on the roads here,(because of cheaper price),it is so nice to be driving something different,and better looking than a 3rd Gen Tacoma.
Gee, more NEW tech from Chevy, Cant imagine what WILL go wrong.
Wesley Johnson
off-roading isn’t about comfort fat boy
Mike C
Not going to lie, I've never been a fan of Toyota's product, but the Tacoma TRD Pro is the nicest midsize truck on the market. This is coming from someone who only drives GM products because my father and uncles worked there for 30 years each, so I'm a bit biased. With that said, I find GM can't seem to get the proportions right on their midsize trucks - which is why I went full size with the Silverado. The Tacoma has the straight lines that I like on full size trucks. With the new 2019 Ford Ranger though... tough to say which would get my business.
Cercious Vontevour
I'ma be honest here. I'd rather have the Chevrolet Colorado. My dad's got a GMC Canyon and I love the thing. Toyota is getting my money, though, in spite of that, purely for one reason: 6 Speed Manual. I just can't enjoy a vehicle day to day without a manual, and I want to enjoy something that I'm going to spend 40k on.
Lucas Peddie
Colorado ZR2 looks badass. Plus roomier and more control.
wesley king
No locking diff...nothing a good welder cant fix!
Martin Wilkinson
ISIS buys only toyota terrorists know best
Я живу в России и я езжу на Chevy Tahoe. Лучшая машина. Все ездят на Toyota Land Cruiser, но я точно знаю, что Tahoe лучше.
Emmanuel Rios
Isuzu d max vs toyota tacoma
jon gambino
How much did Chevy paid this Clown? Lol
So does your Chevy have a Crawl Mode.
Tacoma's are badass truck s in the world.
David M
Dude why do you sway side to side while talking?
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Tacoma Battle: 2018 TRD Sport Shootout: 2017 Chevy Colorado 1 day ago   06:59

In this edition of Truck Battle, I'll show you the differences between the 2018 Tacoma TRD Sport and the TRD Off-Road.

Your job is to write in the comments section the model you'd pick if you were to buy one.

Come see me to look at new Toyotas if you're in the North Carolina area...I promise it will be worth your drive!

Jeff Teague
Fred Anderson Toyota
Raleigh, NC