Eagles hunting Mountain goat Native Traditional Porcupine Hunting 1 day ago   02:04

IVM Sky Animals
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Eagle catches mountain goats. That's a big battle in the animals world! Let's watch this video to know the ending!
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IVM Sky Animals
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Caupolican Caupolican
Maricon de mierda, porque no esperas que termine el video para poner esos recuadros de otro video...tarado
Jesus Saves
Are these wild goats?
Sean Graham
The ads covered up the last few seconds of the video, but if you can't figure out what happened then you need to put your dumbass caps on.
Let's see the eagle picked up the goat, flew it to the cliff and let go of the goat about 50 feet above the ground. My guess the goat hit the ground, died on impact, and the eagle flew over to the goat and had a meal.
Boy that was a hard one
Francisco Carlos
Porque ñ deixou o vídeo passar todo 🤬
Raja Rajan
Oh my god 🤭 😱. The Eagle 🦅 is Tricky guy.
Randy NoLastName
1st YouTube stupid ads populated at the peak of the eagle hunt. Btw, I have YouTube red. Wtf
2nd no carnage. Video editor cut the video way too soon
Zipgun TV
PSG Paris
Stupid YouTube
Mk missedchip
as always ruin shit with music
Tin Tức Tổng Hợp
Dai bang bat de
Tin Tức Tổng Hợp
Dai bang
Noertri Yanto
Kalo 6ekor om putra
You're piece of shit, and your mom too
hyukoh faker
ah so that is how "flying" attack in pokemon looks like. no wonder the damage is enormous :D :D
Dana B
That's so sad
José Cruz
The final part and ending of the video you cover with the ads of your other videos ... terrible choice
Kamoliddin Xolmatov
Xa yaxshida
Ruata Hmar
Repost very old.
Rick Jaenchen
Why do you have to cover the last moments of a video to show upcoming photos? It's infuriating to wait for the ending of a video to have it obscured by upcoming crap.
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Native Traditional Porcupine Hunting Eagles hunting Mountain goat 1 day ago   05:12

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