Film Theory: The SECRET Business Film Theory: How The Walking Dead 9 months ago   16:48

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When Shane Dawson released his eight part Jake Paul docuseries, the internet was OBSESSED! Finally, we get to see what is going on in this guy's CRAZY world. Except, Shane missed a BIG part of the story. Today Theorists, we are going inside the SECRET BUSINESS of Jake Paul!

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Mavicity Relayson
12:34 no! It's Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent! C.U.N.T!
Oliver Grubb
Chicken chick
agent 233
Vlogers are the worst, gamers are the best
Jazzy E
Chicken chick
Linda Yettaw
chicken chick uwu uwu uwu uwu
The Gr1m Reaper
"That's right, You are watching a YouTuber covering a YouTuber, covering a YouTuber" *INCEPTION INTENSIFIES*
wait...jake paul has a life?!
Bean Early
Chicken chick
McKenna Vernon
Chicken chick
Kiwi Koko
MatPat what did you use to edit your videos.
You know, you bringing up Lindsey made me realize you're wrong on one thing. It didn't take 13 years. Channel Awesome did it first, just with a different type of talent and even more exploitation.
Amaris Zamora
Did it
Amaris Zamora
Chicken chick
ashraqat elghannam
Chicken chick and wouldnt it be funny and hella meta if someone made a theory on matpat's theory on shane's expose on jake paul
Ellen Deeley
Chicken chick
Genesis Martinez
chicken chick
Chicken Chick
Camilla Snyder
Chicken xhick
Reese Cotten
Sorry MatPat, as much as you are right, in this case, you're wrong. There is another musician who is a billionaire. Anybody who has a decent taste in music, or is not completely stupid, knows who Paul Mccartney is. He is the richest man in all of the U.K. He has 1.2 billion dollars and the second richest musician in the world (but if it was up to me, paul Mccartney would be a trillionaire and immortal). I would say, "oh he wasn't that rich when he was writing the video." But he was. He's actually had a billion dollars for a long time, he was making 50 million in 2017 and grossed 350 million in the period of 6 years from just touring. And, with all the Beatles net worths added together from a few years before they broke was 80 million, and that's when they were making a penny from every record sold. Alright I'm done with my rant, it just bothered me so much you said that one guy was the only musician to make a billion dollars when someone else, someone who is far superior, has also
chin kit
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