Film Theory: The SECRET Business Film Theory: How The Walking Dead 3 months ago   16:48

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When Shane Dawson released his eight part Jake Paul docuseries, the internet was OBSESSED! Finally, we get to see what is going on in this guy's CRAZY world. Except, Shane missed a BIG part of the story. Today Theorists, we are going inside the SECRET BUSINESS of Jake Paul!

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Lillian Aguirre
Chicken chick. Haha! I did it
weave snatched
A YouTuber covering another YouTuber covering another YouTuber
Maighréad Kiely
Chicken chick
Chicken chick
Becky is the Pusheen girl
Chicken Chick
chicken chick
Ever think that matpat is manufactured to be the guy who ruins our childhood films
*illuminati music intensifies*
Erinn Trash
Chicken Chik 🐥
Julia Hardman
Hey, I noticed you use similar dramatic video titles as those you critique. I, as a new viewer, can't make out a clear order of your videos. Please make you videos series more coherent. The titles are catchy but useless. Please include some form of "(number out of/ number)" addendum. Maybe this is just how I'm viewing YouTube. I haven't had internet in a while since the lady down the street changed her password. You are awesome, regardless of all that. Thank you.
Sarah Oestereicher
Chicken chick
mimi babby13
Oh so let's say 5 people decide to make a youtube and then when each of them has a high fame like Jake Paul or Jeffrey star then they add there money together and multiply it almost adding it to billions 🤔 humm Genius.
dj tt
Chicken ckick
Bee. Nt
Chicken chick
Youtuber covering Youtuber covering another Youtuber
That's only 3 people
Rock ogląda Mandzia który ogląda Gimpera który ogląda Mandzia oglądającego Gimper ogląda Rock obraża
That's 5 people
Alexchacat Gacha
Jake phhhhhhhh bts is much famous
Michela Budris
Chicken chick
Tori Carl
oh my god that's so disturbing. its super true tho--thats why people are willing to donate thousands of dollars to Markiplier, why people are willing to become patrons, pay for youtube channel memberships. you feel like you know them personally and therefore are supporting a friend. that's disturbing.
Jose Rosario
I absolutely love you and your videos 💜

Ally North
I knew I hated Jake Paul for a reason
FirstName LastName
Chicken chick
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Film Theory: How The Walking Dead Film Theory: The SECRET Business 3 months ago   03:09