I met ANOTHER Recon Expert and told I Went into Squad Pretending 3 months ago   10:07

I Met ANOTHER Recon Expert and told him it was BACK in the ITEM SHOP... (he backed out)

#reconexpert #rareskins #ogskins

Rarest Skin in Fortnite Recon Expert

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What’s your favorite skin in Fortnite ?? 🤔
Branden De la Cruz
legomania !!!
This guy says bro way to much
Dislike if the recon expert should be a Lengendary skin sorry if it spelled it wrong
Norwegian_ Burger 69
I think he shoud give the skin to that KID!😐
Typically hecking homo
dude, idk bout y'all but i see that party leader up in the corner
Formulo Jk
Bro please I m begging you please gift me a skin my epic is TTV johnly AK12
Marie Cineus
you should of gave him the skin.
Jeffrey Hallak
How did you get Rincon expert
I like Turtles
How will he send him a gift they need to be friends at least for 2 days
Ge'mir Dalrymple
add me bot
Elijah Origamimaster
This is how many times he says bruh
mary Ludwig
Nice edits on 7:34
How old are u 4 real
1v1 me I got recon I’m a goat
fxnly. jxksn
in the 1v1 the other kid said his mouse was slipping but you are on console therefore you cannot get into a game with a pc player meaning you planned this whole vid and most likely we’re friends before ‼️‼️‼️
DarkWaffles _
Idc if he clickbait I just like the content
Tamer Andary
Recon Expert
John Amato, IV
why all your vids fake you are fake
John Amato, IV
i feel bad for that kid
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I Went into Squad Pretending I met ANOTHER Recon Expert and told 3 months ago   11:04

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