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I Met Another Recon Expert And Told | I Went Into Squad Pretending - At Up-Tube.com

I met ANOTHER Recon Expert and told I Went into Squad Pretending 2 days ago   10:07

I Met ANOTHER Recon Expert and told him it was BACK in the ITEM SHOP... (he backed out)

#reconexpert #rareskins #ogskins

Rarest Skin in Fortnite Recon Expert

Just a young kid trying to make it on YouTube !

Stay updated on my Socials !

Twitter: @H0RSE https://twitter.com/H0RSE

Psn: Shorings

Comments 1937 Comments

What’s your favorite skin in Fortnite ?? 🤔
legomania !!!
This guy says bro way to much
Nadie Luu
Dislike if the recon expert should be a Lengendary skin sorry if it spelled it wrong
Norwegian_ Burger 69
I think he shoud give the skin to that KID!😐
Typically hecking homo
dude, idk bout y'all but i see that party leader up in the corner
TTV johnly AK12 TTv
Bro please I m begging you please gift me a skin my epic is TTV johnly AK12
Marie Cineus
you should of gave him the skin.
Jeffrey Hallak
How did you get Rincon expert
Amr Khaled
How will he send him a gift they need to be friends at least for 2 days
Ge'mir Dalrymple
add me bot
Elijah Origamimaster
This is how many times he says bruh
mary Ludwig
Nice edits on 7:34
How old are u 4 real
1v1 me I got recon I’m a goat
fxnly. jxksn
in the 1v1 the other kid said his mouse was slipping but you are on console therefore you cannot get into a game with a pc player meaning you planned this whole vid and most likely we’re friends before ‼️‼️‼️
DarkWaffles _
Idc if he clickbait I just like the content
Tamer Andary
Recon Expert
Michelle Amato
why all your vids fake you are fake
Michelle Amato
i feel bad for that kid
The best starlord of Waterlord and light Lord1234
I wish I had a skin☹️
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I Went into Squad Pretending I met ANOTHER Recon Expert and told 2 days ago   10:02

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