‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite 2 months ago   06:40

It’s been 40 years since “You talkin’ to me?” became a catchphrase and “Taxi Driver” became an instant classic. As the cast reunited at the Tribeca Film Festival, Matt Lauer sat down with director Martin Scorsese and stars Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel and Cybill Shepherd. Asked for a quick pitch of the film, Scorsese replies with a single word: “Loneliness.” He also reveals that “You talkin’ to me?” was an improvised line. “It was like a jazz riff,” Scorsese said.
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‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite To Mark 40th Anniversary Of Iconic Film | TODAY

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Rhah Nabunaid
As if Matt Lauer really is taken aback by the idea of a 12-year-old prostitute.
Can you imagine Travis suffering from T.D.S. (Trump deranged syndrome)? Wait, that's Deniro's real life.
juan altredo
Herrmann's music is what ties it all together, in musical language he said it all, and he's the most important character who wasnt in the room, more even than new york
r U talkin to me?
Guthrie is nauseating
cybill shephard = the ultimate ballbreaker.
De Niro is bored and tired of this interview; he's like lets get over with...
vikas malik
Taxi, was a character undoubtedly in this movie
Prodigal Son
What a waste of time this whole interview was.
Augustus Caesar
Watching this is comical now after #metoo
Anthony Scully
the today show finally show something worth watching and is it reduced to a 6 minute segment. criminal
Neil Mcintosh
Cybill Shepherd's birthday today! 69
Matt Lauer is really cunty and yes I thought that before the allegations came out
is this the dude fired cause the interview to the other dude molested?
aman shivhare
Where is Paul Schrader ?
De Niro won't say "the line" because it's been following him around for more than 40 years.
Billy Doyle
Classic film....a sequel a few years later would have been good. Too late now unfortunately. Or maybe a prequel dealing with Travis' obscure early life before and during Vietnam.
I’m so glad Matt Lauer is gone he made this interview so anemic
Reshteen Mal
This is Scorsese’s masterpiece. Higher than goodfellas and raging bull
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‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite 2 months ago   10:41