‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite Jodie Foster Salutes Martin 1 day ago   06:40

It’s been 40 years since “You talkin’ to me?” became a catchphrase and “Taxi Driver” became an instant classic. As the cast reunited at the Tribeca Film Festival, Matt Lauer sat down with director Martin Scorsese and stars Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel and Cybill Shepherd. Asked for a quick pitch of the film, Scorsese replies with a single word: “Loneliness.” He also reveals that “You talkin’ to me?” was an improvised line. “It was like a jazz riff,” Scorsese said.
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‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite To Mark 40th Anniversary Of Iconic Film | TODAY

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I’m so glad Matt Lauer is gone he made this interview so anemic
Reshteen Mal
This is Scorsese’s masterpiece. Higher than goodfellas and raging bull
möre than a phrase ? XD as if you checked atntläntics seiköz. ^^
häh Rite... clöthes arent köllectibbel...

-astöR$ R ´´^ ^?
p 28
The talent lined up here!!!
Codie Dyer
Jodie foster was so obviously exploited and abused during this time
If you have time, a mirror, and some residual head hair, why not shave a Mohawk? You talkin' to me?
Steve Powell
This had the potential to be good, but was spoilt by some truly moronic lines of questioning. Shame because its an amazing film, very atmospheric, some lovely shots of NY back in the day, gritty and thought provoking, the cast are amazing and the directing and cinematography is perfect....deserved a much better interviewer for sure.
Ray S
Horrible questions to Jodie Foster. What a Fxxxing moron, shows what he thought of women even then. World class actor sitting right in front of him and he asks her the most stupidly obvious pathetic questions, btw not relevant to the movie. Glad you’re gone Matt you a-hole.
That’s right Lauer, Robert De Niro will not be your monkey!!
blackflag 321
When u haven't seen taxi driver because ur a millennium LOL 😅😅😅
Happy Schizophrenic
You sexually assaulting me?
David Carroll
Bernard Herrmann, please.
Mary H
I think playing too many Mafioso characters had unalterably affected Deniro's personality 🕴
Pine Tree
Why doesn't Al Roker like to talk about his Jewishness?
OooOoo OOooo
what a great creative collaboration between Deniro and Martin.
Amico USA
matt....how does it feel being disgraced?
Particle Boy
Too bad Peter Boyle had passed away, but why was Albert Brooks not there?
Noa Baak
you gotta be kidding making de niro repeat that line. come on, show some courtesy, it's de niro!
Ari Koenig
Jodie gave Matt the fire eyes .... 😡
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Jodie Foster Salutes Martin ‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite 1 day ago   02:19

Jodie Foster salutes legendary Director Martin Scorsese at the 25th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Martin Scorsese.

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