‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite 7 months ago   06:40

It’s been 40 years since “You talkin’ to me?” became a catchphrase and “Taxi Driver” became an instant classic. As the cast reunited at the Tribeca Film Festival, Matt Lauer sat down with director Martin Scorsese and stars Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel and Cybill Shepherd. Asked for a quick pitch of the film, Scorsese replies with a single word: “Loneliness.” He also reveals that “You talkin’ to me?” was an improvised line. “It was like a jazz riff,” Scorsese said.
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‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite To Mark 40th Anniversary Of Iconic Film | TODAY

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Jodie Foster was beautiful 20 years before I was born and she's still beautiful now.
Where's Robert Wuhl??
G.E. A.E.
Only stars...
Autumn Meadows
Robert Is so perfect
Sam Scrapla
Yea knowing what goes in in Hollywood with child actors this makes Jodi's role even more creepy.
Googling poOoo........
I love those frames Mr M. Sorry for tactical definition we have battle field
Jaxson Burke
40 years later, Taxi Driver is A LOT of things! The least of which is, "You talkin' to me?".
Vin Esposito
Deniro looks like he wants to leave soooo bad!!!
Jimmy Johnston
kitsune da o
What a cast.
If the GIANT Today logo wasn't blocking the screen
you get an iconic cast from an iconic movie and you ask the shittiest questions?? thank god Matt is fired
Vuda Negra
The 70s movies were shocking but made movies fun to go see that America
Vuda Negra
Creepy movie
Sporto Lindgren
Dizzy Blu
Robert De Niro in "Uber Driver"
brad fiser
I think Cybill still looks beautiful
Robert De Niro looks like he really hates it when people fawn all over him. Jodie Foster is a class act. She is adept at handling dumb or uninteresting questions
Monkey See Monkey Do
The Taxi Driver is about a war hero who had post traumatic stress disorder (has a big scar near the shoulders) and who is a cop in his blood and want's to protect the world, he just got his head messed up at war and he couldn't sleep that's why he started driving the cab, and he saw the dirty streets and he decided to clean those streets and he did not expect to live through it but by some accident ended up being alive and a hero in the end...
Really he shoulda been a cop and shoulda seen a post traumatic stress disorder psychologist, then he coulda found a wife and felt fulfilled with his life because he would be making a difference protecting the streets.
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‘Taxi Driver’ Cast Reunite 7 months ago   10:41