Largest Eagle Attack Eagles REAL EAGLE ATTACKβ•‘BRAVE HEN PROTECTS 3 months ago   06:13

The Proud
This time we have five of amazing eagle attacks. these are most deadly and realistic attacks ever. Every clip bring you thrilled feeling.

In future videos we hope to do vocal narrative.

We took those footages from a complitation video. but now those videos are didn't exist on youtube.

So footages credits need to go to the first owner of those videos.

Thank you.


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REAL EAGLE ATTACKβ•‘BRAVE HEN PROTECTS Largest Eagle Attack Eagles 3 months ago   04:18

β–  HOLA MIS DK AMIGOS! 😊 I'm very impressed by this very brave hen, who had to protect her baby chickens from eagle attack. Thanks God, nothing bad happened. Check this video!
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