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Largest Eagle Attack Eagles | Real Eagle Attack║Brave Hen Protects - At Up-Tube.com

Largest Eagle Attack Eagles REAL EAGLE ATTACK║BRAVE HEN PROTECTS 2 days ago   06:13

The Proud
This time we have five of amazing eagle attacks. these are most deadly and realistic attacks ever. Every clip bring you thrilled feeling.

In future videos we hope to do vocal narrative.

We took those footages from a complitation video. but now those videos are didn't exist on youtube.

So footages credits need to go to the first owner of those videos.

Thank you.


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Luz Rivera
es la naturaleza pero lloro solo de ver la carita a los zorritos
Muhammed Gulacti
Kartala bak fener siki ne girdimi😁😁👑şampiyon beşiktaş
Muhammed Gulacti
Sagn C
All of those thinking what a bird can do to a four legged fox with sharp teeth.Actually eagle kills in its own way..it pulls the prey for a time then throw at the sloppy area again and again..then it's over.
porush us
remoov sound track from video
Tatar Ramazan
maria diaz
Desgraciados los que entrenan Águilas para cazar zorros. ósea por deporte.
Oscar Rolando Ormeño Carmelino
las aguilas son grandiosas
Расул Исаев
Казах крысоеды ты прокляты за волки ты мрас ответеш пед боги
sdeban kim
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Mckenzie Bell
Foxes got away.
Chaiya Hantone
Lot of these shots are set up like Mutual of Omaha used to do, here the eagles got bands on their legs and the foxes are most likely home raised then released 👎
Saul Aguilera
Can you guys get better quality videos ?
Paul Yarek
"The goof" that owns the bird not care it can get hurt bad.
Aloise Mason
Run run like the gingerbread man! Fox was well bred in this country..Eagles must survive so..they know the way to feast..great
En1gma Kish
Wheres the bear vs Eagle?? why lying?
En1gma Kish
This Bird is a lion of birds with wings.
Dede Rusdiani Rusdiani
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REAL EAGLE ATTACK║BRAVE HEN PROTECTS Largest Eagle Attack Eagles 2 days ago   06:42

■ HOLA MIS DK AMIGOS! 😊 I'm very impressed by this very brave hen, who had to protect her baby chickens from eagle attack. Thanks God, nothing bad happened. Check this video!
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