THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF JACKSEPTICEYE | Subnautica r/Maliciouscompliance "PUT YOUR DEAD 2 weeks ago   32:19

Let's continue the great adventures of Jacksepticeye in Subnautica Below Zero

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Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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Will Janzen
Just isn’t the same without the high five and the top of the morning to ya!
Brendan Sodko
What is the item on the ledge in 8:14
Adlai Steven Erasga
Why do I feel that Sean has become more ingrained into his work after his breakup that he’s forgetting his body.

Sean if you see this, take a break once in a while...You never know when you will get burn out or worse

Always a fan :-)
Emma McKay
I have a one eyed cat named corral
the dragon king
X Squad
7:52 turns on lights to see a squid shark
bbis2 fst4uson
Inagin the more u put on the sea truck the faster it goes
jack there is one more module to fish
Alanna Curtis
When u were talking about the people going in the safe I saw a ponytail Sean omg.
Beepbeep Lettuce
Has anyone else noticed the lack of Titan Holefish in this episode?
Freegaming 1003
More parts to sea truck
1:09 little pp
Owen Gilligan
Can’t he make like 50 storage modules, on his Tracy so he goes slow but he can grind for hours without going back and forth
B o r p
20:36 so we're all just gonna ignore what the peeper did-
Mark Keenan
Get some fish for the aquarium!
Chanel Andrews
Did you know subnautica came out in 2013 but it was called decend and it looked like minecraft graphics.just look how much the game has evolved
Void Clan
You should name the hoverbike CONNER
The Void Alchemist
8:30 your mother was seeking fluid intake last night 😎
ima_meme _meme
3:30 jack has lost his pma
Rachel D.
I love raising sea monkeys! Those tiny lovable crustaceans, :) We had them in class in primary school too, I remember we all giggled at them when they were coupled up, :).
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