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Update On The Drift Truck! - Standalone | 6.0 Ls Engine, First Start As A Stand - At Up-Tube.com

Update on the Drift Truck! - Standalone 6.0 LS engine, first start as a stand 2 days ago   11:08

Today we talk about the drift truck! Where is it? Whats happening to is? Is it almost done? All your questions shall be answered!

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Jeremias Betz
Press F to pay respect to adam
Unkle Fritz
dude...a red head is kissing your face.....turn the camera off and answer all that
SparK SparK
You’re already late
Diamond322 Gaming
Procharge it
Saulo Augusto Martino
you should really get cams and ports before turboing it.
flow restricted engines don't bode well with turbos, it's like working in a early stage vulcan
That sounds like a fucking nightmare that harnesses
I just binged this entire build and this was a well deserved subscribe
Aidan Thorley
Finnish the fucken truck
Jimmy Alfredo
Honestly love this build, I can’t wait to see it run and drive. Don’t rush it, I’m glad you’re doing it right!
Jimmy Alfredo
Adam should upload this to a wiring website for anyone else who has to deal with this bs
Red Squirrel
So is it running yet?

(just bugging you. :P )
i know you are deep into the wiring but you could have swapped the harness from an 98-2000 ls400 which locates the ecu under the dash. Then you could buy the link ecu with 1uz vvti jumper harness fron xcessivemanufacturing.com
Mike G Silva
Could he not have just ordered a new wiring harness from toyota? And then just splice the shit together? This seems like a lot more work than it needs to be
Hamada Alamin
Like for the guy doing the wiring !
Man, I'm glad you're running a standalone. Those 20+ year old ECUs are an absolute nightmare, they all end up with leaking capacitors and having weird intermittent issues.
“This is a skid racing truck” 😂
Still don't understand why you didn't go for the first-gen 1UZ. All forged steel lower end, and a lot less sensors and wiring in general.
Wiring is, to me, the most intimidating thing about modifying cars. People who can do it well never cease to impress me lol
Raul Camcho
Hey bro I was wondering are you going to modify the oil pan adding baffle plate something you definitely should look at
Raul Camcho
If you would’ve tried to use the factory ECU you’ll be have been so many code like evap automatic transmission fuel tank And Not even talking about immobilizer System if the ECU has it and if it’s Electric throttle pedal

Definitely the best choice you could’ve done👍🏼
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6.0 LS engine, first start as a stand Update on the Drift Truck! - Standalone 2 days ago   07:05

This Chevy 6.0L LS engine is going to be swapped into a Jeep Cherokee XJ. Before I pulled the engine from the 2003 2500HD Chevy truck I disabled the VATS by running it with the body module unplugged so that when I wired the harness for stand alone it the VATS would no operate. The PCM is going to get reprogrammed later but I wanted it running as soon as I install the engine.

I'll post another video on disabling the VATS

This video is the first start up as a stand alone, I haven't run it before this video.

I'll post another video with more detail on a stand alone harness.