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Diy Mechanical Coin Sorting Machine | Building Dream Mini House - At Up-Tube.com

DIY Mechanical Coin Sorting Machine Building Dream Mini House 2 days ago   06:14

The Q
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DIY Mechanical Coin Sorting Machine

In today's video I want to show you how to make extremly effective fully mechancal coin sorting machine that allows you to sort up to 300 coins per minute! All you need is plywood, screws and chipboard. You can use this coin sorter anywhere cause it's quite portable!

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King 07
It is 2 o’clock at night now and I can’t stop watching ur vids 😇
0:50 🔥💯💯
Wow so cool, i need make it for me)
UwU Engla

Also me: WaIt... i CaN bUiLd A mOnEy SoRtInG mAcHiNe Bc Im ToO lAzY tO sOrT tHem
Puppy Master
Why do I feel like someone watched this in slow motion to see if even 1 coin went into the wrong one
Hyoung Kim
Give this man a bucket of legos and he'll make a m249 in 5 seconds
KOONG [쿵 실험미술TV]
This channel is the DIY number one factor.
Sifa Kiziltas
Enfaîte sa sére a rien de mettre les mesure par ce que je pense personne va faire ses tuto si tu est d'accord avec moi mets un like comme sa on va combien personne et d'accord avec moi
Yoem Mov
Hi my friends how are you friends all for you
The Spacedan
Next video is and automatic coin sorter because it’s too tiring to spin a cardboard cut out in a circle
Gamer's World
what about nickles?
Dũng Tiến
thank Your Name 👍
макс васенко
DIY Workshop
We also make carton stuff here
Devon Moyer
Do you do this for o have fun I play baseball for fun and doing whatever I can do
jogando com Arthur
But it's very cool
jogando com Arthur
you can't see the pencil
Điêu Chương
Verry good
Ken Holby Sr.
If any of you are actually interested in creating one of these sorters and work with inches,
below is a listing of the "centimeters" as shown in the video converted to inches.

They are set to 1/64", but you can get as close as you want and I'm sure everything will work just fine.

Note: Be cautious when cutting out the "coin drop slots". Don't cut too high!!

From smallest to largest:

1.50 cm = 19/32"
2.00 cm = 25/32"
2.50 cm = 63/64"
4.50 cm = 1-49/64"
6.00 cm = 2-23/64"
7.00 cm = 2-3/4"
7.50 cm = 2-61/64"
10.0 cm = 3-15/16"
10.2 cm = 4-1/64"
14.0 cm = 5-33/64"
16.0 cm = 6-19/64"
50.0 cm = 19-11/16"

I'm thinking of making one, but I will be changing some of the parts.
If I can, I'll post a description of what I've done.

Ken H. Sr.
alfie Chambers
It probably took longer to build the machine than actually counting them
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