The Curse of La Llorona 360 Everything You Need To Know About 1 month ago   00:57

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Have you heard her crying? Have you felt the sting of her tears? You will. Experience The Curse of La Llorona as she searches for children to sacrifice in order to regain her own.

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W a f f l e UwU
Yo when u watch the movie Ur like bruh that's not scary at all but here Ur like AHHHHHHHHHH
I showed this to my mother on the VR. Had to get a new tv and stitches on my forehead. :)
shree darshan
Very sad about those two brothers death😓😓
Josue Ochoa
a 30 mins video like this would be nice
Héc y Eva A.G.
Darshan Ramyed
Good thing I had my VR headset off! 😅
Crete Ball
You know she is looking for her children
Kevin Leong
At first I thought I heard the kid keeps on saying "The month" but I think I'm wrong. Could he be saying "The monster"?
I watched this with VR
Anon E. Mousse

nah im good warner bros im just gonna mute it if thats okay with u
Unfound Films
You can sum all these stupid videos as “ghost woman screams at the end”
"Turn the volume up." NOPE, not falling for that one!
ItsPrincessKatie - My videos are really funny
I might go see this movie if my dad lets me.
Samid Xavier
Cadê os comentários dos brasileiros?
Devin Mccurry
That was horrible the ending made no sense
Salmon -Nooba
I turned my volume down as soon as he pointed at me 😂
Mitchell Hahn
Thumbs up if you were looking at the ground the entire time
Dangit every time I write a spec script someone else has either written and filmed it before me or one just like it is produced a few months later.

Oh well, at least the wailing woman was only a small part of mine.
Fun Life
Turn up the volume
Me- No!! Thanks 🤣🤣
nadia rosal
La shorona
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Everything You Need To Know About The Curse of La Llorona 360 1 month ago   04:43

Hello again horror fans! In today's video we're looking at the latest entry in the Conjuring Universe! This is Everything You Need To Know About The Curse of La Llorona!

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