Pro LITERALLY Dragged me to Victory Royale! I can't believe I hit this snipe 2 weeks ago   12:29

This is a new level of carry.

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Alex Flores
Does Muselk Mean “Jurassic World” or Jurassic park
Ava Rae
Ah ah ha ah ah a a I know Elliot 😂😂
SharwinJohn // Games & More
U think this is a regular comment ......

OmgItsPokeNoob 22
10:23 he predicted the dance before it was out
matthew coleman
Muselk has the ariel assult trooper
I-29 Sports Review
Go subscribe to XxThinkble DirectorxX
anyone watching in 3087? like if you are
Dexter Moscarello
raveybaby Sunshine and glitter
I ended up staying in a ball all game and getting my first solo win and the last kill streight up msged me after " I let you have the win because I could tell you weren't very good your wellcome" LMAO
Cheese Buger210
Muselk i have words Got'em
Great Lakes Magic —- Spells and Subliminals
Spider ball, spider ball, does whatever a spider ball does!
Why dont you have a facecam anymore?
hus t daily vlogs
Like if that helped you
hus t daily vlogs
Theirs a way to do a front flip the joystick that makes you do a back flip pull that back then push it forward and there you go there's your front flip
ZDay -YT
You stole fresh from lannan
My Name Is Jeff
oh i missed this kind of videos...
This isn’t a muselk vid without the facecam
Isaac shaw
One of u needs to be on a hover board and the other one links on in the ball
Ur bad
Haunted Gaming
U out here copying Lazybum... disappointing
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I can't believe I hit this snipe Pro LITERALLY Dragged me to Victory Royale! 2 weeks ago   17:24

Honestly some of my best sniper shots in this video straight up
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