CashVille Kidz Ep 18: Types of Bank CashVille Kidz Episode 1: The History 3 months ago   07:02

In this episode, theStudents will discover the many ways and methods they can use to pay for stuff. Each method has its own pros and cons. The payment method that you choose will depend on what you are paying for and how much is the payment.

Paying by cash is the most common and oldest way. The good thing about paying with cash is that you are spending money that you have. This makes it easier for you to keep track and budget your expenses.(Payment Method #1 -- by Cash -- easier to keep track of your expenses)

Another method used especially when paying for a larger amount is by using cheques. To use cheques, you need to have a current account. This is a good method because you don't have to carry lots of money around(Payment Method #2 -- by Cheque -- easier to keep track of your expenses).

E-banking is becoming more and more famous these days as technology has advanced over the yearspeople are becoming more tech-savvy. They are able to pay for stuff from the comfort of their own home.(Payment Method #3 -- e-Banking -- paying from the comfort of your home)

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tv café
I just discovered this and i love it
Phoenix Payne
*hey wanna know how I pay for stuff? with money! yea betcha' didnt see that one coming did ya'!*
Tracy Washington
I'm going to kill all of your kids
Mindy Mok
so fast already episode 18 !
Isobel Sim
my kids love this tv show
Adam Chen
so many different types of bank account...
Raj Sudriman
hahaha berry is always the funny one
David Lee
just bumped into this series on astro the other day
Carolyn Lim
is this cartoon associated with maybank?
Bobby Kim
very informative show... cashville kidz are the best. the cd is called fixed deposit btw
Carolyn Lim
I'm using epayment (paypal) to do all my banking stuff... it's really great
Michelle Kwok
I'm cashville kidz no 1 fan!!!
Josephine Bee
now i know... thanks cashville kidz
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CashVille Kidz Episode 1: The History CashVille Kidz Ep 18: Types of Bank 3 months ago   07:11

In this episode, we will learn that there are other things that are more important than money like friendship, life and health. However, having said that, money is still an important part of our daily life because without money, we can't buy the things we need or want.

While barter trading seemed like a good idea, it does not always work. Money however, is accepted by everyone. Find out more by watching the video above.

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