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Collecting The Dead: Part 1 - Escape | Preparing For My Pregnant Dog To Give Birth - At Up-Tube.com

Collecting The Dead: Part 1 - Escape Preparing For My Pregnant Dog To Give Birth 2 days ago   33:38

Joey Graceffa
Joey travels to purgatory to rescue “deceased” YouTubers of previous seasons from The Collector of The Dead, who has locked them in her museum. His mission takes a dark turn when he discovers there’s no way home. The group learns they must recover nine Jeweled Keys to open the Collector’s mysterious vault if they have any hope of survival. #ETN4 #EscapeTheNight
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Joey Graceffa
OMG YOU GUYS SEASON 4 IS FINALLY HERE! 🎉 Who are you rooting for?! Episode 2 is NOW available with a YouTube Premium subscription! ❤️ Make sure to give it a big thumbs up!
Sunflxwer Twinz
“Everybody running away like little bitches, the enforcer don’t run, I strut”
Comet F
Thought you died with vine oof
For those that don't have YouTube premium...Bretman and coleen escape the night.
Eric Hammond
I love you! Love your movie
Akaia Williams
I can't with justine why did she say I thought you died with vine I CANNOT BREATHE 💀💀💀💀
Nate Jimenez
Watching this season for the 3rd time
Nate Jimenez
Can u post bts on your vlog channel
Traci Riggins
Omg 26:36 “what do you command “
Make them DAB
samantha johnson
i cant get youtube premium but i love this seriers
Megan Clasen
Collector open the gateway to the town of ever walk
Joey: Kills friends
Friends: Not happy about death
Joey: I wuz expecting hugs and kisses, I'm deeply offended.
jxpiter bae
vi thi duyen
Please indonesian sub Here
gacha BOYY
U can see that the collecter os going to find sone of the monsters probably like s1 s2 and s3 4:52
Adil Nachate
Intel L
I wish I could be on this show
The S Édits
Five danm
Rachelle Soriano
IM sad
Moonlight OwO
Joey you look like Harry Potter not to be rude XD
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Preparing For My Pregnant Dog To Give Birth Collecting The Dead: Part 1 - Escape 2 days ago   08:45

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