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Alux Ultimate Bucket List: | 50 Bucket List Ideas Ep. #1 - At Up-Tube.com

Alux Ultimate Bucket List: 50 Bucket List Ideas Ep. #1 2 days ago   11:49

The Ultimate Bucket List by Alux.com: 55 Things Every Man Should Do in His Lifetime!
Ultimate 10 Step Guide to Becoming a Modern Gentleman: https://goo.gl/aD252F

Most Expensive Summer Destinations:

Hey Aluxers, because this weekend was a special day for us at Alux, we put together the ultimate bucket list video.

Check it out and who knows you might find inspiration for your next adventure in it!

In this video we'll be answering the following questions:
What are some cool bucket list ideas?
What are the best bucket list ideas?
What are the best bucket list destinations?
What goals should you have in life?

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Hey Aluxers, we challenge you to do as many things of the ones we've mentioned in the video? How many have you done so far?
Teas, Wines & DIYs
Really?? Fire someone is on this bucket list?? You're an idiot.
Mrozik Oficjalnie
cringe 1000
Zaraθuštra زرتشت
What a load of bullshit serious, pretentious rubbish.
Nathanael Caine
I DO live in my favorite city! lol
And I am working towards the fitness goal.
I have also visited two continents, and am considering places on two others. Tho I may skip Antarctica. lol
I also play the violin. Not too well yet, but my goal is to play The Devil's Thrill flawlessly. (A good measure of skill with the violin. The piece is diabolically difficult, and most those whom I have heard playing it lacks the emotions to do so well.)

I realize I have done many of these already, and others are on my own bucket list. It's a pretty good list.
10 0
How can you tell on the internet to use drugs. Horrible !!
Lmfaooo who made this video? 😂😂😂
The Alan Reviews
According to that bucket list, I did some of these things in my past. I defintely started yesterday!
emanuel banuelos
Jordan B. Peterson
emanuel banuelos
I did all of those 55 done
I need to find me a ride or die type of bitch jk
the conservative woman God-fearing,
emanuel banuelos
emanuel banuelos
20 done in this so-called bucket list
Paul Tremmel
seeing my home country win the world cup will be something i can do often enough, i am from germany :)
Sasika Silva
Oktoberfest is an annual beer drinking event in Germany.
Mr. Bajaj
Hey Aluxers, thanks for giving more points to my bucket list....💖🔥
11:14 Fat Ronaldo is happy
Rakshit Rana
if save a life were at no. 1, i'd definitely give you a thumbs up within seconds.
Kamran Ahmed
Somehow this video has inspired me. Thankyou Alux
If someone run a full marathon, he will not die from a Heart attack, except if he dies during the marathon from a heart attack...
The last one should have been the first. You have missed the point.
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50 Bucket List Ideas Ep. #1 Alux Ultimate Bucket List: 2 days ago   06:59


Welcome to 50 bucket list ideas Episode 1! These videos are to give you ideas to write on your bucket lists, so make sure to have a pen and paper or any electronic device which holds your list.

From this list we have crossed out:
Eat Sannakji
Brazilian Wax
Skip stones across water
Frog Legs
Start a slow clap in a crowded place
Pizza in NYC
Cover someone's car with post-it notes
Get henna
Try sushi
Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
See snow
100 restaurants
Eat Chicken and waffles

WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS CROSSED OUT? Comment down below and let us know you've seen this :)


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