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Apartment Tour - South Korea | Best Countries To Teach English - At Up-Tube.com

Apartment Tour - South Korea Best Countries To Teach English 3 months ago   04:15

rushed video, sorry! I was reeeally hesitant on posting this buuuuuut again, these sort of videos helped me before I got to South Korea, so I'm hoping this will do the same! 'the tour' is over at around 2 minutes fyi, and for the rest of the video I talk about settling in, $$, etc.

*to clarify*
- I do not teach at a public school. I teach at a private school, so housing arrangements could be different if you're coming to teach for EPIK or something like that (probably won't be too far off though)
- I actually spent closer to $400CAD, not $300 (shawyyy)
- I do not pay for rent because USUALLY, your school covers the first year of your rent. USUALLY. again keep in mind that every contract and arrangement is different, this is just mine.
- In my building, the cost for utilities is added up and split/shared PER FLOOR. So everyone on your floor pays the same amount every month. I don't know why, but that's just how my building operates. The utility bill ranges per month (if its a really hot/cold month and everyones AC/heaters are cranked up... it'll be a pricey month) my bills have ranged from $80 - $170.


IG / SC: ewnett

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yet newu?
Erstwhile Supine
So when you moved here did you bring all your pots and pans or did you just buy all of that when you arrived? Could you do a video talking about what to take (how much is too much) when moving to Korea.
I just discovered your channel, and it's been super helpful!!
Lip color???! It’s so pretty
Any websites to get one?
Autismus Maximus
i really love your apartment. The layout is so pleasing
Lina Hassan
but that was rude , " i wasn't pointing at her" and she was being friendly and cute
Aiyana Osman
holy shit, gurl you're gorgeous! Do you happen to be somali? or ethiopian?
Nicole LovinLife
👍🏽Great video!
Myron Smith
That's a Ment not an Apartment
Ayara Yashar'al
Interesting. I wonder why your school didn't put you in apartment with a working floor heater. Very odd. Looks like you are managing well without it. Good video.
you are so beautiful jesus like your apartment i would like a tour of how you got to be so gorgeous
The Incredible Beast
I'm planning to come to Korea in February with EPIK, possibly private schools if that doesn't work out. And I definitely appreciate your apartment video and others I've seen so thank you!
Becca M
You're beautiful
You are so cute.. Very creative
You're so beautiful! This was awesome! I wanted to know how old are you? I actually thought you were a foreign exchange student in university because you look so young! What a surprise!!
TravelingTroi 00
Hey i love your videos and i have been following you for about a month now!!! I loved hearing your experiences and other black women experiences while living in korea!! And it also gives me courage seeing other black people doing things outside the "norm", it makes me not feel left out anymore. But as i watched this video i realized your hair was straight. Not that its a big deal but i wanted to ask has your experience been different from when you wear ur curly hair than when u wear ur hair straight, if so how? I hope you understand my question.
Madison Bowen
Hey, I got my interview scheduled and I'm very interested in teaching in Korea. Do you know if you can bring your wife ?
Gil C
thank you for the video :)
hopefully you have great time while you stay here in Korea
Von Miller
what ethnicity are you? you are beautiful
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Best Countries To Teach English Apartment Tour - South Korea 3 months ago   13:08

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