Laura DeCrescenzo's Scientology Lawsuit This AMC 'Preacher' Scientology Joke 1 day ago   05:32

Coverage of Laura DeCrescenzo's Lawsuit against Scientology on ABC's "Eyewitness News," 4/29/2016. DeCrescenzo's suit against The Church alleges, among other things, that she was coerced by them into having an abortion while she was a member of their "Sea Organization."

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This AMC 'Preacher' Scientology Joke Laura DeCrescenzo's Scientology Lawsuit 1 day ago   03:56

Seth Rogen may be in trouble with Tom Cruise after Preacher on AMC, which he produced, reportedly poked fun at Cruise and Scientology in the pilot episode. Is the joke too much? Should Seth be as jumpy as he says he is about it?

Kim Horcher and special guest Hank Chen (Actor - Grace and Frankie, Lopez) discuss!

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