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Every Chipotle Ever | Every Supermarket Ever - At Up-Tube.com


Let’s just be real for a second: You’re going to regret ordering the Sofritas over steak, you want a burrito— not a salad, and you’re gonna get guac no matter how much more they charge you for it. This is EVERY CHIPOTLE EVER.

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Ian Hecox // https://www.instagram.com/ianhecox/
Olivia Sui // https://www.instagram.com/oliviasui/
Shayne Topp // https://www.instagram.com/shaynetopp/
Courtney Miller // https://www.instagram.com/co_mill/
Damien Haas // https://www.instagram.com/damienhaas/

Director: Ryan Todd
Writers: Ryan Finnerty & Monica Vasandani
Executive Producer: Ryan Todd
Production Manager: Margo McHugh
1st AD: Marcella Gersh
DP: Katie Eleneke
DP: Nick Giomuso
Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
1st AC: Jacqi Jones
DIT: Matt Duran
Art Director: Steven Cirocco
Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
Props/Stage Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Script Supervisor: Eddie Vigil V
Hair & Makeup Department Head: Rachel Jenkins
Wardrobe: Athena Lawton
Gaffer: Billy Yates
Key Grip: Emilie Svensson
PA: Will Townsend
PA: Lucas Lefkowitz
Art PA: Steven Smyka
Editor: Mike Small
GFX: Brittany Metz
Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
IT/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona

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Comments 3374 Comments

the video was hella funny but that's so much food wasted...
Arlene Duong
I never been to Chipotle.... or ate...
Lilly Glez
This is so funny
Liam Phillips
Make every Rizos / mod pizza ever
Liam Phillips
*makes a nachos*
Caleb Boultinghouse
Every vegan will be like ahhhhhhh meat ahhhh cheese ahhhh sour cream ahhh normal food oh thank my none religious belief tofu 😂😂
TKBD Chesseyman
I knew it was going to be like that... entitled
iAqua10 -
A Taco Bell-
Delta Sans
What I got from this is that Chipotle workers are assholes
George Valdivia
the doctors when I was born
Gravity Joga
In Brazil Pinto Means Penis
No one:
Shayne: Yó wOuLd LiKe
Jacob Greer
Chipotle guy: can't roll a burrito.
Me: *annoyed because I know exactly how to ROLL IT*
0:16 at this point were you using a ASMR mic?
YaBoi Ariel
Where is the part where edp445 floods the restroom in chipotle
It’s Phil
I got a chipotle ad before this
silent vlogger
3:59 what my parents say to me when I get a c on a test
alberto hernandez hernandez
Shane tlaking un spanish always crack me
jack chaop
Is this accurate 😂😂😂😂 (I’ve never been to chipotle)
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Supermarkets - Whether it's long lines, charity donations, or paper or plastic, this is Every Supermarket Ever!

Noah Grossman
Keith Leak
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp

Directed by Ryan Todd
Written by Ian Hecox, Ryan Finnerty, Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, Noah Grossman, Keith Leak, Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Shayne Topp
Created by Joe Bereta & Ryan Todd
Produced by Ryan Todd
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
Director of Photography: John Jimenez
Editor: Jole Sanchez
Line Producer: Michelle Holman
Production Manager: Noelle Bernhard
Production Coordinator: Brianna Hinojosa
First Assistant Director: Sean McCullough
Art Director: Lindsey Liberman
Props: Chris Newell
Art Assist: Sarah Pratt
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Assistant Camera: Sly Espinoza
Key Grip: Pat Egan
Grip: Lee Eisenhower
Sound: Ivan Harder
Hair & Makeup: Paula Barkley
Makeup Assist: Emilia Black
Wardrobe: Felicia Cowley, Feleicia Martin
DIT/Media Management: Gabe Laguer
Script Supervisor: Talia Brahms
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
Behind-the-Scenes: Phil Mohr, Kyle Haubert
Post-Production Supervisor: Katie Reed
Colorist: Mike Burton
Production Assistants: Michael Oh, Brandie Rovito, Kevin Fernandez