Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake Cooking Thanksgiving Food 2 weeks ago   18:29

Here's the link to the recipe I used:

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Alyssa Jones
Jenna for next time, if your icing is too thin add more icing sugar to thicken it, and when you put the icing in the bags put the icing tip in first so that you don’t have to hold it, and make sure you don’t cut the hole to big, I personally put the tip in and then cut the bag.
Just helpful tips for your next wife baking attempt. 😋
Isabelle Jacobsen
I wonder who dislikes her videoes, Jenna is so pure
Jess RWE
7:15 😂
Meybelin Galdamez
what are we gonna do when she turns 33.... 33 year old ladyyyy just doesn’t hit the same
Joe Cassara
God, this planet needs some kind of catastrophe to purge people like this.
Chelsea Costanzi
Someone get her a cake spatula 😂
Rebecca Elder
Two words: Crumb coat. Then you let it firm up and put the rest of your icing on. :)
robyn smith
*gives extra specific measurement of a tablespoon and a half*
Julien- it's okay if I do more though, right?

NO!!! 😂😂😂😂
Lol I would’ve totally said the same thing about the spiral -gonzoogles husband
umom gay
I'm a taurus please fucking stop
they make me smile
Allyssa Simmers
Does anyone know Jenna’s Pinterest
Katie Branson
Riya Who?
Omg wait Jenna’s older then Julian 🤭🤭
Autumn Reicherts
"Cut and delete that off the internet forever! " *leaves it in lol
Autumn Reicherts
"ask me for the sugar" *kiss kiss kiss 😂
"It's a good thing I'm not mic'd or this would be really annoying for all of you" 😂
Autumn Reicherts
It was very satisfying that you were perfectly centered at the beginning of this video.
Catherine Kirk
Omg people are spelling julien’s name wrong, Julian, Julian
Stacie Price
I am a 30 year old lady and I am most definitely on track to become a Jenna-esque 32 year old lady but with less money and two less dogs, even though my dog is the size of six dogs, can’t wait to do 32 year old lady stuff
Sorry I’m new here: they’re not a couple???
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Cooking Thanksgiving Food Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake 2 weeks ago   03:11