My Fan was Getting BULLIED for having NO SKIN, I Went into Squad Pretending 1 day ago   05:50

This Kid got BULLIED for having NO SKIN, so i did this... (i helped him!)

#renegaderaider #rareskins #defaultskins

Just a young kid trying to make it on YouTube !

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What’s your favorite Fortnite skin ??
Andy Santos
Horsing is my man
ツjoshy poshy
No skin was in fake faze clan tryouts
Adrian Martinez
My favorite is galaxy ☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😉😯😐😑😕😬😡😢😴😮😣😤😥😦😧😨😩😰😟😱😲😳😵😶
Adrian Martinez
Was that one kid crying at the end
Sargent pizza47
Hey horsing I just want to say that I was getting bullied and I told my teacher then I THOUGHT it ended there its a couple of days since this happened so I decided to play with my "friend" then the bully joined but I thought he was over it so we had 1v1v1 soon we had an argument and they all kicked me but I want to tell you the fact how the argument happened when were both in the lobby (that's if u will join ) my epic account is SargeantPizza47 on Xbox and I can't wait to see if you see this comment and if you can confront them if that's ok thank you ☺
Jen Puntanar
Horsing aka anti bully
we should play fortnite sometime lmk👍🏽
malumi 81
This guy deadass started to cry😂
hooligankefs 62
Horsing Your fake
hooligankefs 62
Isn't Youtube Frqm in your video of the rich kids making fun of you cause you had the default
Junior Mejia
You and catlitoes are so nice keep up the good work
Can i play whit xou condanerf
The guy bullying frqm he has the galaxy skin which without the galaxy effect its basically a default so he cant be talking
Dylan Damron
I don’t like doing this but YoutubeFrqm has skins he has ghoul trooper and renegade raider. This videos are clickbait!
3xt_ Shadow
Yeah of course its clickbait this guy that gets bullied he has ikonik and galaxy skin this is clickbait
Water On my face
It's a skit
Water On my face
Frqm is team solely
Nabil Ganteng rifai
Yo that galaxy skin is vary bad
Kyroot Sad
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I Went into Squad Pretending My Fan was Getting BULLIED for having NO SKIN, 1 day ago   11:04

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