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My Fan Was Getting Bullied For Having No Skin, | 1 Kill = 10 Free Skins For My Crazy - At Up-Tube.com

My Fan was Getting BULLIED for having NO SKIN, 1 KILL = 10 FREE SKINS FOR MY CRAZY 1 day ago   05:50

This Kid got BULLIED for having NO SKIN, so i did this... (i helped him!)

#renegaderaider #rareskins #defaultskins

Just a young kid trying to make it on YouTube !

Stay updated on my Socials !

Twitter: @H0RSE https://twitter.com/H0RSE

Psn: Shorings

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What’s your favorite Fortnite skin ??
Alex Reyes
My favorite fortnite skin is the dark voyager
Alex Reyes
It warms my heart of horsing buying him a skin 😄😊🤗
Harshaan Sandhu
He says he is poor but he steals ouch money
Andy Chandler
Idk why im posting this comment, but im glad their are people like horsing
This is a fake vid because they was in a video
Humera Jawwad
He’s saying he’s a noob cause e was default too
Bulletclubrenzo Gaming
Never Bully A No Skin

Im Serious
katia Melchor
The Galaxy skin is a Default skin to.what does you mean
Amb stevez
And if you can. help me beat some Bullys if you want to add me my name is lucky427burst
Amb stevez
And i only have 16 skins season 8 and 9 battle pass thats all i have
Amb stevez
My favorite skin is the dark bomber
Amb stevez
Your the best bro never let people bully other people bro
Logan Hughes
Or humpdude
Logan Hughes
My name is loganhughes656
Logan Hughes
Skull druper
Logan Hughes
Can I get a skin please 😁😁😁😁
Foxy_isagoat 09
you liar you played this game before and he's being toxic to you cuz you're acting like a default
Nick tv gg
Its fake he got galaxy
Oh no No
Dude the kid getting bullied is the same kid who impersonated him
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1 KILL = 10 FREE SKINS FOR MY CRAZY My Fan was Getting BULLIED for having NO SKIN, 1 day ago   09:41

His channel: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPfvdyXVHQUMWIT4fzZiuS4j

1 KILL = 10 FREE SKINS FOR MY CRAZY COUSIN! LITTLE KID WINS $1,000! (bad idea) Renegdade raider youtube twitch streamer

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