Why Ford and GM Scaled Back in Europe Why Do Americans Put Euro Plates on Their 1 day ago   04:09

Wall Street Journal
Decades after expanding to Europe, Ford and General Motors have both scaled back in the region, in part to gravitate back to their sweet spot: trucks and SUVs. WSJ explains why the two U.S. auto giants struggled to turn a profit in the European market.

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Nun Yah
How is ford not profitable in Europe? I mean at least my experience in Germany is that fords are very common
mr ms paint
Yes, the middle of the road Ford that was Britain’s best selling car brand for the last 30 years.
jacky zhu
When are European brands going into the US (minus the Volkswagen Group, FCA, and others)?
Carl Rodgers
Opel is being turned around. Why?
These car companies have said electric vehicles are ten years off for the last fifty years.
Umberto Fournier
a good rundown
Sha Cloon
Would love to drive a F150 in Bavaria but they don‘t sell it here and importers aksing 100k for a Raptor :(
Strange that PSA made Opel/Vauxhall profitable again in their first year of ownership.......
Lefteris Gaming
If everyone stops buying new cars manufactures will start making used cars.
I live in Madeira Island, Portugal.. and there's one roundabout where you can get a view of an abandoned ford factory or office. It has a really big and rusty ford logo on the top, so I think It's an office... (because It's too tall for a factory)
Romeo Leo
👎🏽 It’s bcs GM makes ugly cars specially Chevy nobody wants to buy those ugly things inside and out. The designers need to be kicked out
Grimgore Ironhide
Because they suck at small cars, except for Ford with their Fiesta line in the UK. Small cars dominate European car markets due to fuel prices, parking and road sizes.
The Glueman
Oh I guess Georgia was just annexed by Russia then
alan mac
Up till very recently, Ford was hugely successful in at least the UK.
When the economy fails all the soccer moms and idiot boomers that bought there huge overpriced SUV’s and trucks on huge payments will go bankrupt.
Simple: American cars are overpriced,with inferior quality craftsmanship. Unreliable
TESLA is scaling up ford and gm are becoming the next blockbuster and Sears
The US needs to sanction Europe to make them buy our cars.
US automakers only build big gas guzzlers. Why is the US in Iraq, Libya, Venezuela and starting a fight with Iran. Oil. Just build fuel efficient cars.
Jonathan Ball
The problem is that they have a bad reputation in Europe for quality and reliability, also the brand holds no weight. Nobody gets excited about owning a ford/GM etc. when you have so many high quality European auto companies. Just listen to Jeremy Clarkson talk about American cars. That’s pretty much the opinion of most of the UK and probably Europeans too.
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Why Do Americans Put Euro Plates on Their Why Ford and GM Scaled Back in Europe 1 day ago   06:26

I was shocked by the amounts of comments that made reference to the european style plates on my car. Why exactly do trends like this exist?