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On August 20, 1994, only hours after Ernie Irvan was seriously injured in Winston Cup practice at Michigan, Dale Earnhardt Jr scored his first late model victory at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.

As the announcer mentions, this was the second race in Twin 50 lap features. He also mentions that Junior "finally won," he had raced full-time in 1993 as well, finishing 2nd multiple times but never winning before. Other than Legends Cars victories, this was Dale Jr's first win ever. As the announcer tell Jr he has a call to make up to Michigan, Dale Earnhardt Sr wrecked and finished 37th there the following day in the 1994 GM Goodwrench Dealers 400

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Evan Williams
In the back of the NASCAR Preview and Press Guide of '95, it has him listed as Ralph Earnhardt Jr as the winner in the Late Model Ranks Myrtle Beach. I guess he decided to use his birth name back then.
Scott Riggleman
I sure do miss the old days at Myrtle. It ain't what it used to be.
Jasn Youngstudd
Wow I was sittin in the stands when he one that first race
Vine Wood
got any of Kelleys races?
Didn’t know that jr’s first win was here at Myrtle beach speedway
Kahunas Garage and Tiki Racing
The 1 thumbs down is from the guy jr beat by 2 feet.
Eric Monaco
And this is where it all began
I can't wait to hear him say "uhh" every few seconds next year~ :P
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