Iran tensions overshadow EU summit Eight EU countries call for more 2 days ago   04:22

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The European Union is urging Iran to stick by its commitments under the nuclear deal agreed with world powers in 2015. A joint statement was given ahead of the ongoing EU summit in the Romanian city of Sibiu, where the 27 EU heads of state are gathered to outline a new strategic agenda for the European Union. In a declaration, the leaders stated that they rejected ultimatums from Tehran but vowed to fight to save the Iran nuclear deal.

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Monstaa Factory
iwonka k
Nobody should have NW. Proliferation for everybody!
Marko Podganjek
Current state if EU reminds of situatiion in Ex-Yogoslavia before storm began.
A lit of "leaders" that didnt do anything, but just repeating useless sentences.
Then strong leaders appeared. And the changes began. Not in right way.
What would strong French leader change in Europe? Or German one?
gut freud
EU countries, if they do not give up their personal pride, and consider themselves smarter than their neighbors, will end up again in a torn Europe in small, small countries that will have no defense in front of a power like Russia, America or China.
Only a common European army and good understanding between European states can create well-being.
Alvin Foo
Eu should form a body to buy Iranian oil and not depend on private sectors
Ti Na
The powerfull EU...hahahaha
Alex Samu
Ee need independence as EU. Let US and trade with Asiatic states. We are neighbours.
Elon Chamski
Europe is colonized by USA specially France! President of France is a joke!
...EU have to step away fro US military and economical asap, they are not our friends..only when they have something they need from us
Roger Onslow
If you don't have a big stick and are prepared to use it then you are not in control.
John Say
EU = European Utopia.
Logical Lonewolf
The western leaders don't care abt Iran's nuclear deal, they are just back to explore new territory for oil, even if that means war and laying a country waste and a genocide...
Com'on bullies we all know what ya'll politicians are upto..
The Other Side
*To show how weak EU is, they are telling Iran not to take escalatory steps when they never told US that started all these present issues the same thing. EU is a US colony. EU can't tell US not to do anything US wants.*
the eu must fall i am glad right ring rise', we the people vote this mounh for close borders!!!...
Mehran Mossaddad
I guess the big companies could find or create a tiny country in Europe, a free zone with no dealings with the US and do business with Iran through the common wealth country. But tell me this what is Europe going to be in her future the waste land envisioned by the Americans in case of a war with the east? Really?
bobosonofkoko Suckerberg
Why don't world leaders dress more casually? Even sloppy. Then start speaking out like normal people. Just say, "Sorry Iran, no way are we gonna allow you to have nukes. Period."
Sabelo Trevyn
Let Iran develop nuclear weapons and stop slavery
Sabelo Trevyn
Why should Israel acquire nuclear weapons and Iran should be isolated from nuclear weapons technology
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Eight EU countries call for more Iran tensions overshadow EU summit 2 days ago   03:10

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