Amazon not to blame for ghost malls? Man says he's grossing millions 2 days ago   04:14

Fox Business
The Commercial Academy CEO J. Scott Scheel on the factors that led to malls closing across the country.

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Matthew Iverson
Guys.. don't worry.. there is a HUGE jobs market in the cardboard box making sector.
Jim Nesta
Amazon is just a convenient scapegoat that these retailers like to blame for their own ineptitude in adapting to a changing society and retail environment. Amazon filled a niche that the other retailers were too blind to see. Plus, Amazon's share of the retail market is minuscule in comparison to the market share that has been lost by the major retailers in the last 10 years or so.
Elsie H Martinez
Of course amazon is responsible for these ghost malls and many more problems- u cannot see amazon coz its in the cloud, this guy talking is another loser pretending it knows amz.
It's the death of the middle class. I live in Dallas area, and for a city so big, there is only one big major mall that's actually in the elite area, all other malls died and in the nearby suburbs too. The only 5-6 malls are in the wealthy suburbs up in the same 1-2 cities. This is crazy for an area of at least 5 million (Dallas area, not counting FtWorth area) to have just like 5 really great malls and all concentrated in a single place (Frisco or in Plano, but near Frisco).

You would expect a huge city like Dallas in a first world country to have 5-6 malls within it's city limits.
why go to the mall when you can buy 90 % off fake look like real thing.
In a way he is the "calvary" (death) coming to the rescue as opposed to the *cavalry*.
AMAZON has no competition, bring ALI BABA TO THE USA.
Ramír Delgado actor
Why not blame millenials, the crisis and the weakminded too?
sterling kennedy
Capitalism at work pure and simple.
Dangit don
It's not just the internet.

They don't Carter to parents, they don't cater to men, and they are always overpriced.

We have one in my town that has an upstairs second story, and the whole entire upstairs is for female consumers. Probably thirty stores.

None of them have strollers, and parking is bad, even if it's empty. It's so bad, we've been getting the carts from the downstairs Sears, and using them.

So, as you can see..even WALMART is more concerned with their customers. And, if you are in sales...that's a very bad thing to think.
Couch gaming news
Who cares if malls are becoming empty its the peoples choice
These malls are empty because everybody is poor and you can't go to them without getting BLOWN UP for shits sake so people stay away due to low budgets AND personal safety.
Moon Eyes
LET HIM SPEAK lol jeez
Ducky MoMo
Stop only buying from Amazon.
John Winslow
The guy is absolutely right. Drug stores especially have way over built. There are so many places where there is a Kroger or Walmart selling drugs and often sharing the same parking lot, there is a drug store selling groceries. What's point?
Jesús Rosales
Good... My internet works fine.... :)
David PR
Why don't you let him finish his answers before going on about something stupid and unrelated. I'd like to know what he has to say.
Plutot Crever
I would love to hear that guy with 30 minutes to explain his views.
I dislike the TV format so much.
Fox, get this guy back on set with a longer segment.
Interviewer is a moron
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Man says he's grossing millions Amazon not to blame for ghost malls? 2 days ago   03:22

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