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Why Donald Trump Lost His Government | Body Language Of How Jake Paul - At Up-Tube.com

Why Donald Trump Lost His Government Body Language of How Jake Paul 3 months ago   23:04

Derek Van Schaik
Find out what caused Donald Trump to lose his government shutdown battle to the Democrats when he tried to get his border wall funded.

We’re going to analyze key negotiation tactics, and body language, to reveal why Donald Trump lost this government shutdown battle to the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer) when he tried to get funding for his border wall.

Keep in mind, this video is not at all political. Whether you’re for a southern U.S. - Mexico border wall or against a southern border wall that’s not what this video is about. We're simply analyzing why Donald Trump lost his government shutdown battle with the Congressional Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Steny Hoyer.

We stayed completely non-partisan for this entire video, now let’s break that. In the comments, let everyone know why are you FOR or AGAINST a southern U.S. - Mexico border wall? Put that in the comments below.

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Did Donald Trump Collude With Russia To Win The 2016 Presidential Election? - Body Language Secrets

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Running Specter1219
Upload more political based videos like this.
Laurey Wallut
He is actually dealing with criminals and they are more livid by the day. Trump is not playing with these criminals at this point. They had been treating him poorly and this was the crescendo.
FlamingCrystal Alchemist
Can you talk about sarah sanders body language I would love to see
FlamingCrystal Alchemist
Trump is a liar they have clips from his rallies saying this I remember this he did say he wanna shut down the government trump is the hypocrite good video I’m glad I did not vote for trump yes trump wanted the shutdown who’s gonna pay for the wall trump supporters Mexico 🇲🇽 I never supported the damn wall
Patrick America
And how does it look now???
Susie Que
Okay, you know body language and relationships, but you don't know sh*t about Liberal motives. Either that, or you are one and can't disregard your own biases.
Since I'm a body language enthusiast, watching your videos are both entertaining and educational, keep up the quality work!!! 👍😉
I'm glad he won the case to use the Pentagon funds!
Josh Guyette
Coast Guard Storms Narco Submarine Carrying Thousands of Pounds of Cocaine - A wall isn't going to stop that.

Wow, it's like watching a father and mother, scolding their son.
Didnt really lose int he end did he....
I don't mean to criticize, as I just found your channel, and so far I'm very impressed with how you do this... However, this particular video is not a good one to work on, as what Trump did was very deliberate to get a particular response... and he got it. He's trying to force their hand... show what their real agenda is, which happened following this "meeting" when they refused to do anything on the border problem over the following weeks.
Anthony D
One months later 2000 people a day
Anthony D
Without out pay? My ass, the government always gets paid
Anthony D
Trump is right
Daniel Williams
Lock Trump up! Lock Trump up!
Kyle Duffy
Break down Richard kuklinskis interviews ?
Isaac Clodfelter
Could we get a body language brakedown on PenceBot?
Aww was hoping you would show at least 10 times he said to shut it down XD
Derek van Shaik is a good con man, like trump says its not political makes it completely political look at his videos if you truly believe this idiot isnt a poltiical con man ive got a bridge to sell u
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Body Language of How Jake Paul Why Donald Trump Lost His Government 3 months ago   33:53

How did Jake Paul manipulate Shane Dawson into liking him in Shane’s Jake Paul series?

Shane Dawson did an 8 part docu-series on Jake Paul. The first part was The Mind of Jake Paul, then The Dark Side of Jake Paul, next The Family of Jake Paul, and The Enemies of Jake Paul. From there, Shane goes to Jake Paul's Team 10 mansion with Kati Morton in The World of Jake Paul, see my body language video on Shane's visit to the Team 10 House.

In The Secrets of Jake Paul, I made a Body Language of a Liar video about a kitchen conversation Jake Paul and Erika Costell had with Shane, while he was visiting Jake at his home.

In The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul, I analyzed Alissa Violet's body language to determine what she possibly lied about.

During Shane’s series part 8 finale, Inside The Mind of Jake Paul, Shane does his final sit down interview with Jake.

As I’m sure you recall, when Shane started this series he was legitimately scared of Jake Paul since he was seriously concerned Jake was a sociopath. However, at the end of the last episode they’ve apparently became friends.

Shane had a very negative impression of Jake from the start, but how did Jake fight that uphill battle to manipulate or change Shane’s opinion of him and eventually win Shane over? That’s what we’re going to find out. Furthermore, we’re going to look at how Jake’s possible manipulation caused Shane to be easier on him during questioning.

Clearly, Jake did a good job in winning Shane over, so take note of Jake’s tactics which I’ll be pointing out, since they may be helpful for you to use when you’re trying to get someone to like you in your life.

In the comments: Why do you think Jake Paul came across as so likable and nice? A. Sociopath, B. Suck up, C. Real self, D. Medicated. Let everyone know in the comments below.

Remember to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on future body language and investigative videos that always seem to shake up YouTube.

Does Jake Paul’s Body Language Prove He LIED In Shane Dawson’s Inside The Mind of Jake Paul?

Does Alissa Violet’s Body Language Prove She LIED In Shane Dawson’s The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul?

Body Language of a Liar: Body Language Proof Jake Paul LIED In Shane Dawson’s The Secrets of Jake Paul

What secrets does body language reveal in Shane Dawson's The World of Jake Paul interview?

All The Proof You Need That Jake Paul Is A Sociopath - Body Language

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