HOW GERMANY HAS CHANGED ME Getting Yelled at in German and Seeing 1 day ago   07:56

Diana Verry
How living in Germany has changed me after 1 year of living here. Share your experiences living abroad below :)
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hallo Zusammen, I'm Diana! I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but I now live in Berlin, Germany ☾ On my channel, I share my experiences and thoughts on living and working abroad as an expat in Germany. Thanks for your support ☮

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i heard someone saying: if you are not on point in time you waste lifetime of other people. That was impressive and absolutely understandable.
Andreas Freyer
Love your video... ...but showing 4 is all fingers without the thumb :-)
...try it much easier to do
Richard Ure
For help with the shopping bag issue
Sefa Dülger
The last few things you mentioned happened to change to when i moved from the south to Berlin. I think Berlin can be quite unique in some ways
As a German I do not understand the reservations about punctuality.
I was in Ireland for a few weeks. There buses drive but according to their own plan the information on the signs were worth nothing. And that means when a bus is already 15 minutes ahead of time or 30 minutes after the time you can not rely on him and he is not suitable for the way to work.
And that applies to all other processes as well. If you are not on time, you can not watch a movie with your friends. Productivity suffers everywhere.
And what about punctuality? Am I thus a freer person? Do I have a better social life?
When I invite people to dinner then I have to prepare food and expect that they will come when it's done.
What is the alternative? No food? Or just food that I take out of the fridge and briefly make warm in the microwave? Is that then better quality of life?
helfgott david
Well it is true , beeing late is a NOGO. Actually its pretty rude to be late.
ekim andersom
One of the worsed things about America, not using the metric system.
You don’t end your sentences with ... “Ya”, yet...
Di Roy
Her eyes are mesmerizing
The showing of german four with fingers was false :)
In Germany we show the four with all 4 fingers and folded thumb. But the rest was right ;) So the four is the only exception where you do not show the thumb.
Regarding thumb ... Thumb up :-)
Henk Oosterink
I lived on 3 different planets, and it changed me a lot.
Michael Poeller
You‘ve got the four wrong
Filipe Pedrosa
.... dahh
I'm German... I was punctual... then I got into University and learned about the academic quarter... since then I've been one of the most unpunctual persons I know of.
Hippolyta Nine
How to marry a German guy
The last thing you mentioned is typical for Berlin. On the one side is feels relaxed, on the other side for some people it is too anonymous and so they don't like Berlin.
4:37...For me the best improvement...Congratulations! Less is more :-)
Peter Doe
I like it. 'cause it reflets on my own life, beeing a german.
Hahaha you are germanized in a few month ;-)
Animus Nocturnus
Bring your canvas bags to the supermarket:
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Getting Yelled at in German and Seeing HOW GERMANY HAS CHANGED ME 1 day ago   28:57

Here is everything I experienced in the last month living in Germany :) Must be 20+ things in this list :3 At the end I talk about the sunbather story :3 The sourdough saga will have to wait for another few weeks since I didn't manage to get to a bakery that makes its own bread yet. But soon I'll visit one that was recommended to me.

Some things I talk about in this video:
getting lost on the train
central station scariness
dog trainers
family priority in Poland vs germany
funny stories
the auslander büro
being jewish
present day vs past
finding a lake on a hot day in Germany
naked babies
teenage couples and aggressive flirting
naked sunbather
English words on jackets make no sense
pointy roofs
dog owners
strict Germans
Stuck in a off duty train for 20 minutes
Why are you here?
Hamburg HBF
German professors pronouncing English words wrong
Distracting during lectures
Cons of study abroad and ADD

P.s. If me playing with my hair annoys you - make a youtube video and show yourself talking for 20 minutes - I'd love to see that you don't make any nervous habits! Really! Try it out. Show your face. Send me the link. I'll be waiting. :)

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