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How Germany Has Changed Me | Getting Yelled At In German And Seeing - At Up-Tube.com

HOW GERMANY HAS CHANGED ME Getting Yelled at in German and Seeing 2 months ago   07:56

Diana Verry
How living in Germany has changed me after 1 year of living here. Share your experiences living abroad below :)
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hallo Zusammen, I'm Diana! I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but I now live in Berlin, Germany ☾ On my channel, I share my experiences and thoughts on living and working abroad as an expat in Germany. Thanks for your support ☮

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Getting Yelled at in German and Seeing HOW GERMANY HAS CHANGED ME 2 months ago   28:57

Here is everything I experienced in the last month living in Germany :) Must be 20+ things in this list :3 At the end I talk about the sunbather story :3 The sourdough saga will have to wait for another few weeks since I didn't manage to get to a bakery that makes its own bread yet. But soon I'll visit one that was recommended to me.

Some things I talk about in this video:
getting lost on the train
central station scariness
dog trainers
family priority in Poland vs germany
funny stories
the auslander büro
being jewish
present day vs past
finding a lake on a hot day in Germany
naked babies
teenage couples and aggressive flirting
naked sunbather
English words on jackets make no sense
pointy roofs
dog owners
strict Germans
Stuck in a off duty train for 20 minutes
Why are you here?
Hamburg HBF
German professors pronouncing English words wrong
Distracting during lectures
Cons of study abroad and ADD

P.s. If me playing with my hair annoys you - make a youtube video and show yourself talking for 20 minutes - I'd love to see that you don't make any nervous habits! Really! Try it out. Show your face. Send me the link. I'll be waiting. :)

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