Bosnia: Phony nursing degrees The Bosnian village where Christians 2 days ago   04:46

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In Bosnia, serious allegations have surfaced that many nursing care professionals have little or no of the rigorous training nursing professionals are required to undergo in the country. Diplomas can simply be bought on the black market. That exposes the more lucrative Western European labor market to fraudsters, and threatens to undermine the otherwise stellar reputation of Bosnian nurses.
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😘....err i mean.....bad girl!
Ingrid P
establish a certification program to get employment in Germany (overseen by German government authorities) and that way you will filter out these criminals
Jimbo Jones
Doctors and nurses are protected classes that are nowhere near the general quality they should be so I don't blame people for just making fake papers.
Jo-h-nali-Sanjarbek Sarkaev
😂 It is worldwide issue, not just Bosnia.
MariVal TV
Okay then
Hekate Cobos
I live in Canada but I'm from Mexico. Back home you can get any kind of diploma, not only nursing, but any kind you want. It's terrible but people get them all the time.
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The Bosnian village where Christians Bosnia: Phony nursing degrees 2 days ago   05:30

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Twenty years after the Dayton Accords brought an end to the Bosnian war, the country is still hampered by divisions enshrined in law. But one small village did resist the ethnic bloodshed, as neighbour protected neighbour rather than killing them, returning a favour from decades earlier.

Report by Luke Brown, Alexandra Renard and Mersiha Nezic.

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