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Pakistani Food - 3 Mutton Legs | Argentina Street Food. Huge - At Up-Tube.com

Pakistani Food - 3 MUTTON LEGS Argentina Street Food. Huge 2 days ago   35:09

Mark Wiens
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KARACHI, PAKISTAN - When it comes to Pakistani food, Karachi is a heaven on earth with a multitude of delicious and meaty things to eat. On our last visit to Karachi (street food tour: ) we weren’t able to eat some of the things I really wanted to try, so I was happy to be back in this massive food city in Pakistan!

Biryani - In the previous episode of Pakistani street food in Karachi (you can watch it here: ), we ate biryani from a very friendly man who sets up his shop just outside Kaiser Restaurant. While I was off filming my intro to this video, Ali and Joel decided to have appetizer biryani. It was just as good as before and his friendly smile and delicious food represent Pakistan. Located just outside Kaiser Restaurant, go check them out!

Kaiser Restaurant - One of the main things Ali and I wanted to eat last trip to Pakistan but they were closed the day we were filming and we ran out of time is Kaiser Restaurant, famous for their whole grilled mutton legs smothers in Masala. We order three of them, covered in masala and one extra spicy. The meat was incredibly delicious and the masala sauce was unbelievable. We had a great time and delicious food. Price - 1,700 PKR ($12.08) per mutton leg

Since we had some time in the afternoon, we stopped at the beach to walk around. At the beach we met Lion King!

Geo Gola Corner - Possibly the world’s sweetest dessert, gola ganda is a mashup of shaved ice, ice cream, and all candy and syrups you can think of in the world. Not really for me, but it was amazing to see them make it and assemble it.

Cool Inn - Chaat refers to any of the very common savory snacks common throughout the Indian subcontinent. My favorite is pani puri, and my wife Ying loves dahi puri. But here at Cool Inn which is a famous Pakistani street food chaat spot, Ali and I both loved their special chaat. Price - Around 100 PKR ($0.71) per plate

Anwar Baloch Restaurant - Finally to wrap up this Pakistani street food tour in Karachi, we drove over to Anwar Baloch Restaurant known for their karahi curries. They serve an abundance of goat, but we opted for the prawns karahi. It was one of the richest, and most spice filled, and spicy karahis I’ve had in Pakistan so far.

It was another amazing day of food in Karachi, Pakistan!

Big thank you for my friend Ali (https://www.instagram.com/alinhamdani/) for making this happen!

Watch my entire Pakistan Food series here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Kqln8rlz9aZ

MUSIC: https://www.audionetwork.com/ and https://goo.gl/HwVjdo

CAMERA GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links):
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Fardeen Ahmad
U uploaded this video on my birthday
Niranjith Babu
Mouthwatering dishes. Lots of love from India.
Tushant Simpson
Your video is wonderful Bro but this pakistani fella is sucked up. Without any shame he is digging into the food and not letting you explain. His mouth is drooling with water in advance when the food arrived. Without letting you eat or explain the food he jump right into the food with greadyness at least if he is from the local he should let you eat first . But rest of the pakistani I had seen was showing great hospitality like biryani maker
noor ilahi
Must wlcm Bro enjoy my beautiful Pakistan tnksssssss for coming
Kisha Rodriguez
Hollow Knight
Pakistanis dont know how to make ice cream
Xanadu Area Games
My man Ali has AirPods big flex from the chill man
Relax And live life
I think it is so funny that this guy is incapable of not closing his eyes every time he takes a bite.
Midhun T
Love to come and explore delicious food in Pakistan

Love from India 🇮🇳
1:18 Straight Outta karachi
Aysha Mustafa Awan
I'm Pakistani ❤
damn those are goofy hats
Why don't you try beef biryani of master biryani at new chaali near paper market.
Toronto Pearson Plane spotter
Love from 🇨🇦
Benny ThaMac
U and ur brother are like school girls giggling 🥴
Faraz Khan
looking good bro inpakistani culture
Doan Ngo
What date is this? If you don’t mind please put dates in your travel channel, it will help your viewers a lot. Thank you.
Vito Anderson
Never trust a Pakistani
Kattar Hindu
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Argentina Street Food. Huge Pakistani Food - 3 MUTTON LEGS 2 days ago   10:16


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