20 Women's Football Goals that 5 Time Zidane Humiliating Teammates 10 months ago   04:53

Some greatest goals in women's football history.

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The Raumdeuter
Marta does move like Ronaldinho
Miklu Phukon
Why every time women needed to compare with men. Men never compare them with women because they know that women are very good in their way and men are good in their way.
Warren G
8 year olds Dude
Warren G
Yeah shocking how bad the defending is and goalkeeping
Warren G
Yeah but who are they playing against
beaujocque Mouton
Tom McDonough
Do you people realize that ALL of these 'female' pro soccer players consist of MEN, not good enough to qualify for the men's team.
Well it is a Bot game
Informaller 1703
And then everyone started respect girls
Crumbs on toast
Let’s be honest though, the goalkeepers were terrible.
Cj C
2nd in the puskas award... 13th on this list 🤔🤔🤔
Marta female Pelé
4:02 Lol Marta really had to do them like that
Imagine she missed
Not shocked...more like slightly impressed
Derp team productions
These can easily be done by ANY male footballer hell even me when i was 10 simple crap
I respect women’s work in football but that does not mean I like to watch their football it’s too boring
0:09 what is shocking here
Quixotic Fiend
I guess the concepts of defending and goalkeeping don't exist in women's football.
Masa Masri
Do we really need to compare why we just enjoy women’s and men’s football not to be racist to any side
karume k
do you really have to mention men footballers and also how would this goals shock men
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5 Time Zidane Humiliating Teammates 20 Women's Football Goals that 10 months ago   12:10

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