HOW, WHY & WHEN TO DO INLAYS! What 3M - Cookie's Tip - Using Edge Sealer 2 months ago   27:49

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Jerry Richards
Dude, you are a wizard. I’d like to thank you for making these videos. While I can’t claim that anyone would use the word “awesome” when reviewing my work, I’m making positive strides forward. Well done my friend. Well done.
The tail light recess on a C5 and C6 Corvette would be the perfect place for this technique, would you agree?
EJ5.0 S550
Where do you get the vinyl from?
vlog pathy
Super bro
Adam Carton
Thanks for taking the time to make these videos! You have a talent for explaining something that is very hard to put into words. I can't imagine how much time and frustration you have saved for the amateur working at home.
Juan Cantu
Awesome Brother !
Wow awesome..👍
Miles Quisenberry
Nobody questions the legend! 🤙🏻
Another awesome video Christian I believe Iv watched them all llooking forward to upcoming videos
Hero Lucagbo
its very helpfull. Nice thank u sir
Matthew Stringfield
How much do you charge to wrap a car?
This guy really knows his stuff. Thanks to his other videos, I was able to wrap my 2010 Camaro hood with zero issues. It came out great with 3M 1080 Satin black. If I had waited until recently, i probably would have gone with Avery or VVivid instead. Luckily, i see no glue lines, so all is well.
Cameron Beyer
How do you deal with stuff like the front bumper of the 19 WRX? Looking at it, it seems almost impossible
Matt Burns
Great video, I couldn't see, when you lined the cut tape up the 2nd time, did you align the cut wire with the edge of the wrap or did you position to leave a small gap.
Also, on the vehicle it had small damage, what do you do to deal with small Knicks, dents or even scratches that might show through. Thanks
Does matte vinyls hide inlays more Chris? Also does darker or lighter colour hide better?
Declan Carroll
Another top video, thank you!
Christian, you are an amazing talent! Thank you for taking the time to explain every-single-step! You are a GREAT instructor. Thank you for posting all of these videos and please continue to do so. I appreciate them more than you know. I'm totally addicted to your channel and decided to subscribe today. Again...thank you for making the videos!!! I want to wrap a vehicle some day when I feel confident enough.
Shane Bishop
Why would did you put top first? Seems like it gives high risk for water. I install bottom first. Please explain why you wouldn't want the lap the other way?
Best wrap channel ever! Greetings from spain✌🏾
Cad1llac Status
He looks like cool version of Tom Brady 🤣
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3M - Cookie's Tip - Using Edge Sealer HOW, WHY & WHEN TO DO INLAYS! What 2 months ago   05:35

In this video Cookie demonstrates how to use Edge Sealer. He explains why you should use on different locations on a vehicle as well as the difference between 3950 and 4150S
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