HOW, WHY & WHEN TO DO INLAYS! What 3M - Cookie's Tip - Using Edge Sealer 5 months ago   27:49

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Hi Christian, thank you very much for your tips and for your time
Kurtus SJS
Cheers brother, your vids helped guide me through wrapping my own car in matt white vinyl came out perfect,

Now im going to wrap my hyosung gt650r in candy aqua, cant wait for this challange,

Thats why im watching a inlay tutorial hahah

Tyvm bro
BigDreamin !
You could do a no seam wrap job!!!!! Just depends on the car probably an old school chevelle or charger but I'm sure there are a few cars you could
Kevin Cano
Wth?? Tom brady??
Been waiting for this
rideordieguy rideordieguy
Bro gotta admit very informative and just all round good dude== no doubt looks much easier on screen than actually doing it but thanx a mill
dan tha man
I’ve been nervous of the idea of wrapping my own car but your videos have helped so much thanks bud keep up the vids
Sandeep Minhas
Where do you buy your vinyl wrap from? I am looking for camo pixel wrap.
I know nothing for real about wrapping but for professionals should they keep inlays to a minimum or does it not matter as long as u are willing to do the work
sebastien beaulieu
Thank you, insane work's really good tip's
Robert Vassallo
Thanks for taking the time to show us how you work. Would love to try wrapping my car this summer just for shiggles. been looking around for clear, concise, instructions paired with demonstrations. I appreciate both your skill set and willingness to teach others. Keep up the great work, and wish you even more success with your passion.
Alain Mazy
Hello, with 1380 film, it's not possible to make without cuting and overlaping? Also, for chrome film, he advises not to heat or stretch, as far as possible to avoid the orange peel, right?
Jerry Richards
Dude, you are a wizard. I’d like to thank you for making these videos. While I can’t claim that anyone would use the word “awesome” when reviewing my work, I’m making positive strides forward. Well done my friend. Well done.
The tail light recess on a C5 and C6 Corvette would be the perfect place for this technique, would you agree?
EJ5.0 S550
Where do you get the vinyl from?
vlog pathy
Super bro
Adam Carton
Thanks for taking the time to make these videos! You have a talent for explaining something that is very hard to put into words. I can't imagine how much time and frustration you have saved for the amateur working at home.
Juan Cantu
Awesome Brother !
Wow awesome..👍
Miles Quisenberry
Nobody questions the legend! 🤙🏻
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3M - Cookie's Tip - Using Edge Sealer HOW, WHY & WHEN TO DO INLAYS! What 5 months ago   05:35

In this video Cookie demonstrates how to use Edge Sealer. He explains why you should use on different locations on a vehicle as well as the difference between 3950 and 4150S
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