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Tom Bilyeu
Over the years Dr. Michael Gervais has helped Super Bowl winners, Olympic gold medalists, Fortune 500 companies and more dominate their field by molding their mindset into that of a high-performer. His insight on the psychology of recognizing and executing in high-stake moments has made him the go-to guy for anyone wanting to win at a higher level. Co-founder of Compete to Create Dr. Michael Gervais, explains what it takes to lock-in own the moments that matter on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Michael explains why he believes every great change starts with pain [2:40]

Michael talks about building relationships and balancing accountability with love. [7:55]

Michael shares lessons about nurturing relationships after a tough experience with his wife. [13:20]

Michael and Tom discuss training their emotions and the greatest fear of modern times. [20:53]

Michael breakdowns the process of building self-awareness. [29:18]

Michael tells the experience he gained while helping youth over the years. [32:34]

Michael reveals the impact he wants to have on the world. [39:14]

“The reason we grow is because we get uncomfortable and we embrace being uncomfortable.” [2:50]

“Being honest with the pain that we feel is usually the prime mover for people to do the work that is necessary to push to the edge.” [2:55]

“From clarity, we can train our mind to have conviction in stressful environments.” [11:55]

“It's vulnerability that is how we train emotional capacity. The more that we become vulnerable and demonstrate the courage to do so, we expand our capacity to feel.” [24:12]

“In the present moment is where all things high performance take place. That's where love happens. It's where relationships and the fabric of relationships are strengthened and revealed. It's where our glimpses of wisdom and potential happens.” [39:28]


Pete Carroll - [1:43]

Compete to Create - [1:45]

Finding Mastery - [2:00]

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Robin Weitzman
can we get a link to the video of the seahawk moment?
Drk Phnx
Revamped each of my youtube profile use. As away to compartmentalize or stimulate my mind in different ways. I have this one on meditation and mindfulness.
Molly Emerson
Love your show ... this guy is creepy AF 😳
Anthony Roman
You absolutely need to get @DanPena on here and interview him! Please I would love to see that episode
Anthony Roman
You absolutely need to get @DanPena on here and interview him! Please I would love to see that episode
B.Bloomed Yoga
When he talks about experiencing the whole spectrum of emotional experience and not getting lost in it, there is a 2,500 year old philosophy of Buddhism which also recommends to know your experience but to beware of the harm that can come from clinging to it. This is happiness because you can learn to have a resilient mind. Great information here, but only helpful if one puts it into practice.
Fred Seigneur
excellent! thank you so much
Steve Kirkbride
Thank you gentlemen
Ap Ple89
Tom = hands down the best interviewer on social media
Simon Young
OMG, I love these. I don't use the word "Love" as a lazy catch-all, I really do love them. One aspect that I find inspiring and very funny, is how innovative Tom is. I believe he legitimately wants to sit down with these amazing people and pick their brains, so he devised a format (show) that allows and validates that desire. In the end I see a dude eating his candy in front of everyone.
Darryl Suggs
I think the Dr. G was talking about Nipsey Hussle when he talked about the kid with the tattoos on his face! Just my opinion!
Reyne Manzano
Full Context begins @7:30

@8:25 "A rising tide floats all boats"
@9:13 "None of us do this thing alone, and if we're really gonna go the distance, and really step into the frontier to do the amazingly difficult challenging things, we need to lock arms to stay in the trenches long enough. And what happens for most people is we lock arms, we say, 'oh yeah, let's go get it,' and then we lock arms, and then as soon as it's hard, the brain kicks in, and the survival mechanisms in the brain are stronger than the thriving mechanisms. So the survival mechanisms light up, and what do we do? We save our own ass, and we unlock our arms, and we take care of ourselves. That is how people fray in rugged and stressful environments--emotionally stressful environments. We unlock. And so the extraordinary are able to stay the course, locked arms, because they're mission-minded, they're really clear about what they want to experience, and they bet on each other."

Note to self: He's primarily talking about football, but can you carry this mindset to your intimate relationships? With family, friends, partners? Try it. See what happens.
Julio Cesar Espinosa Galvez
The first time i saw this interview in 2018 did not impacted to me that much, 6 months from there now in 2019, i feel so much respecto for Michael Gervais. Thanks Tom and Mike.
Vicentiu Cuibus
12:20 I have to write this down so I'm making a public note.
Gonzalo Albillos Prieto
Incredible interview! WOW
Aditi Rishi
Can we please have him again
Chris Bello
FOPO - fear of other people’s opinions. So true! Something magical happens when you stop worrying about what others think about you and start doing YOU.
Gieo Pensoneault
Another GREAT SHOW! I look forward to attending an episode live in the studio.
Sahra Pak
Thanks for this interview! And FYI the “good research” at 18:05 about the Four Horsemen and how to build a healthy communication/marriage is from the incredible and work done by Julie and John Gottman. The research on heathy and unhealthy couples by the Gottmans started back in the early 70’s and continues still to this day with amazing results healing marriages and keeping couples (who want to, and do the work!) together.
Ralph Retro
Best one yet!
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Simon Sinek's Top 10 Rules For Success How to Achieve Ultra High Performance 5 months ago   52:43

He's an author, speaker, and consultant who writes on leadership and management.

He joined the RAND Corporation in 2010 as an adjunct staff member, where he advises on matters of military innovation and planning.

He's known for popularizing the concepts of "the golden circle" and to "Start With Why".

He's Simon Sinek and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

Some used the ideas in this book to build multi-billion-dollar businesses. I'll give you the simple-yet-powerful formula that they used (and you can) to realize your dreams. Get yours.

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1. Break the rules
He earned a BA degree in cultural anthropology from Brandeis University.

2. Train your mind
He attended City University in London with the intention of becoming a barrister, but left law school to go into advertising.

3. Be patient
He moved to New York and joined Euro/RSCG, an ad agency, where he worked on the MCI account.

4. Take accountability
In 2002, he started his own company, Sinek Partners.

5. Outdo yourself
In October 2009, he released his book “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”.

6. Stack the deck
He once taught a graduate-level class in strategic communication at Columbia University.

7. Be the last to speak
He has commented for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and FastCompany.

8. Be authentic
He was a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, BrandWeek, IncBizNet.

9. Find your passion
He serves on the Board of Directors for Danspace Project, an organization that fends for advancing art and dance.

10. Start with Why
His first TEDx Talk on "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" is the 3rd most viewed video on

Make the right decisions.
Surround yourself with greatness.
Be grateful.

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