A Fireside Chat with JonTron I made a map in Civilization where literally 1 week ago   14:12

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Intro Voiceover By: Lewis "Fakanza" Bown

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woah i can't believe he finally uploaded again!
Why is there not a YouTube alternative yet?
Rômulo Gomes
a wasted opportunity to warn us about the dangers of the white genocide destroying west c
ulture really horrible stuff jon
Young Idiot
That moment when jontron tries making a casual video
Me: Oh, reminds me of H3
Jon: Edits in music H3 has used in old videos
Me: oh... Oh noo
Ethan Heck
"I wanted to give my opinion of the whole CPM and demonetization state of You-- **ADVERTISEMENT** --Tube."
Dude McSky
You get your coffee from Dunkin Donuts? Scrub...
I bet you can make a very entertaining video on fake martial arts
Calvin Vidalon
Hey Jon there’s a new Dr.Ho commercial about his new Dr.Ho Cleanser. How ‘bout make a vid review for that as u continue your 007 parody thing! Lol
You can still talk about all those things. You can talk about politics and war alllll you want on youtube moron. You just wont get PAID for it. Crying out loud.
Matthew Gowler
Squirrel in the studio eh? I think I know someone who can help with that, he used to be a cop...
Kaitlin Luksa
My husband always makes fun of me because I have a crush on JonTron and we had a heyday with his attire choice for this video haha
You could at least bring Jacques back for a cameo
Poopoo FAg
YouTube just wants to push its own libtard politics. YouTube is turning just as bad as network tv, very sterile boring hate trump love gays/illegals agenda. Art is supposed to make you think but alex jones is satan meanwhile young turks is gospel to them
Zach Waldauer
Filthyfrank is no more jon😢😥😪
Where Paul and Dom at?
With the production quality of what you are making, I'm honestly surprised by how fast you're posting new content! Keep up the good work.
SirSaltAlt R6S
What happened to Jacque? :(
Douglas Gorde
I can’t wait for you to post another video game video. Those felt a lot more heartfelt compared to your Flextape videos, but they’re great too.
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I made a map in Civilization where literally A Fireside Chat with JonTron 1 week ago   12:19

There are literally hundreds of volcanoes too.

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