A Fireside Chat with JonTron I made a map in Civilization where literally 3 months ago   14:12

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Intro Voiceover By: Lewis "Fakanza" Bown

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Lissie Lamb
Bodes well I didn't know about this video till October
Some time already Google has been making some pretty stupid decisions, not just with youtube... I feel like a Titanic vibe where they are think "God himself could not sink this ship!"
So tell me if this would work. Release a funny parody cover of a song. Collect views and then on a second account you own, file a copyright cllaim against your creation. Collect the click revenue and indemnify yourself against a stranger taking your revenue.
Jay Ritz
i would hate to work for a boss that randomly uses predatory tactics against his employees when ever he or she simply wants some spending money. youtube should be sued for unfair business practices.
Fuck Google
*adjusts collar*
gd Travis1oo
Youtube: we will demonetize violence

Also youtube: *n a h l e t s k e e p **-b u d d d w y e r s u i c i d e-** u n c e n s o r e d b e c a u s e w e m a k e s e n s e*
The thing too is that by youtube saying none of that bad stuff ,young teens are just gonna go looking for worse stuff. Youtubes become a sterilized and manipulated environment by the big corps. and people who want to police people for what they say kind of like China.
Garret Phegley
Oh my God, he uploaded again...
Professor Fez
So you are complaining that people look forward to you videos? Well fuck off then.
Chris Gusky
That's how broken and corrupt YouTube is and had been for a while this has to be stopped or YouTube may not last much longer cause eventually people will get sick of YouTube's broken and corrupt system and leave for other options like twitch or other platforms like that so for YouTube to have a future this has to stop now rather than later!
Chris Gusky
That's exactly what it is and it's ridiculous how they've gotten away with this for this long or at all to begin with how have we allowed this to happen.
YouTube’s TOS, well whadya know, Tron hit the nail on the head and summed it up in less than 15 seconds. Tron, if you run for president I’ll vote for you.
I run it Sellers
I hate some things on tv. They dog me. So I dog them back
I run it Sellers
I'm sure if I had hidden cameras I could come up with alot of shit to. U know
What’s the name of the smooth jazz music at the end of the video?
MERICA Guns, freedom and love.
why does this vid have so many dislikes?
Where's the birb? :'(
Jeff Armitage
i think what you have been doing is amazing and quality taks time
Joseph AFA
John realizes Capitalism is broke: the video
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I made a map in Civilization where literally A Fireside Chat with JonTron 3 months ago   12:19

There are literally hundreds of volcanoes too.

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