LIFE IN NYC | santacon, apartment update Living in NYC: Expectations VS Reality 5 months ago   06:39

Yet another week in the life of yours truly in the city that never sleeps!

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+ Canon Rebel T3i
+ iPhone 8+
+ Sigma 30mm f 1.4
+ Final Cut Pro X
Hand-lettering: Procreate for iPad Pro

Parts of this video is sponsored by Hollister, however all opinions expressed are truly my own!

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Linda Uribe
I love Audrey and I looked like her when I was young.. Love Cary Grant too.I am glad you show the pretty part of New York.
Marissa Kirwan
anyone know what the song in the into is called??
abby k
song at 2:31??
Carlee Po
What is the name of the restaurant at 5:04? Looks amazing!
Alison Chin
forever in love w your aesthetic 😍😍.
Domonique Phelps
really enjoyed this vlog💕😝
so artsy! love it
Yuan Q.
UGH i love the teddy coat!
Hannah Barham
You honestly look like you are living the dream in NYC. It has been such an honour to watch you grow over the past 3 years on YouTube and I wish you every success with your career. xx
where is the food at 5:03 from ?!!!
Ally Calmus
where is the blanket from on your bed?! so cute!
vivek kapri
Love from india ❤
Arianna Westley
I love that your style of vlogging is so different than most others, it’s such a breath of fresh air. I also love that you vlog on your phone because it gives me the hope that I can actually start a channel while just using my phone at first.
marie kr
This city is not actually all it’s made out to be. the subway system is horrible and takes you hrs on end to get from
Point a to b,if u live here u know
Colleen Brown
omg shea's apartment is insane
Kristin Hon
I love this style sooooo much!!! I can’t even put into words the beauty of this video but it perfectly captured NYC!
Gabriella Marie
love the quality of this video! your content is always so good
Liz Salas
the lack of diversity in your friends group is kind of scaring me and very telling tbh
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Living in NYC: Expectations VS Reality LIFE IN NYC | santacon, apartment update 5 months ago   06:03

My expectation of living in NYC vs the reality.
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From all of the movies shot in New York City it creates a lot of expectations for living there. I have lived in NYC for a couple years now and wanted to share some of the expectations vs the reality.

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