Apple Picking Is Only Romantic 5 months ago   07:30

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Cristela Alonzo explains why she isn’t into apple picking and suggests that rappers boast about buying more practical, everyday things.

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Kees Kees
Im a guy but i feel this ! Love is one hell of a drug
Chloe Leal
dat laying on the floor side typing hit hard
Justin Powell
Go to hell, racist
David Crawford
Very happy she showed up on my recommended videos. Very funny.
J Woods
I don't get the debit card joke. Like instead of a credit card?
Rory Main
Tienes d calzado los Miguel Jordan made in Peru.
Angel Pacheco
My parents scolded me so often about them damn apples. "You're great grandparents did not pick apples from Mexico to Wisconsin so you could lay around and play video games!"
Lisa Alaniz
She is funny
She's so funny its hot ;)
Eliseo Ramos
She is hilarious!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leroy Granados
She's so funny
Radu Slav
let me ask u something,
i'm white, if i would marry this comedian, would it be interracial ?
if no, then wtf is she on about...
Deep Cycle Garage
Lots of anti white racist "comedy" out there.
I’m tempted to get my nails done there.
That place sounds fun.😁
Veronica Christopher
The yell voice is so annoying
Brandon Lucas
I freaking love this woman
i want those jordans
Victor the Kid
Her name is cristela and she has to clarify she's Latina, cállate cristela jajaja
Youtube Censors
Hm, she isn't funny.
She got a nice fat ass eh?
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Apple Picking Is Only Romantic 5 months ago   09:02