SEE YOU AGAIN Fortnite Stole From Me 1 week ago   03:23

Tyler, The Creator
From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place

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Dezirae Gutierrez
Best song 2018

No more no less

Selling replay buttons
1 like each
killerblade 208
sorry to say this song bad i want to shot my self com on boys relly ????
YoongiBiased Charmander
The ending sounds like love bomb to me 👌🏽 I love it
4our 2wenty
Anyone wanna be in a Tyler group chat?
Gandhi P
3:00 is that wolf? The white hands rlly makes it feel like its wolf pulling the curtain down, like, exposing what he rlly is
Naythaniel Robinson
I probably watched this video 20 times
this is dope asf
niche sunshine
ugh, this song always hits me in the feels and this video is so gorgeous.
GGJEROME unknown
Thanos snapped his fingers at the end
Luke Turk
I see still wolf Haley
Jay G
I will say that T always has expressed his feelings and thoughts better than any artist right now. Plus his unique style and unwavering confidence make his music even more enjoyable and impressive.
Generic Hooper
This shits bonkers
Cesar Bravo
Yvan eht nioj!?
giancarlo juarez
Tyler is undeniably one of the most creative mainstream artist in this generation.
That shit is cool
This is a very beautiful piece of art and creativity, tyler existence is so necessary and his personality flows over everything he does
deez nuts
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Fortnite Stole From Me SEE YOU AGAIN 1 week ago   07:42

Recently I discovered that the popular game fortnite stole one of my concepts from 2016. As a part of a package you can buy on the game, there's a dance move titled "Best Mates'. That dance move is a move that my friends and I made popular back in 2016 with a video called " The band of the bold". That video was reposted by a popular British entertainment page called "Unilad" and was retitled "When you go out with your BEST MATES". This sparked a trend of similar videos with the title "Best Mates" somewhere in the caption. Since then Unilad has deleted the original video off their facebook page for reasons unknown. I'm not sure if Fortnite knows who I am or if they intentionally stole this concept from me knowing that they could get away with it. Obviously when someone else is profiting off of a concept that you created doesn't feel good, which is why I had to make this video. I'm not asking for much, some acknowledgement and credit for the move would be most appreciated. Thank you and love you!