Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... 2 weeks ago   07:14

Marques Brownlee
Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"

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Kaylee F
I got my S10e on launch day. I love it. I upgraded from the S7 edge. I also got a half off deal throughout my carrier, so I paid less than $400 for it. It's a great phone, and having the fingerprint reader on the side is really nice, it's a feature that I actually prefer vs. the reader on the screen.
gurdeep singh
Hope it was not a paid review.....bought it after seeing this review and now regretting....single why not to buy is dismal battery life....even in idle mode battery decreases 10_15%. Have to charge it three times a day...dear MB please don't dupe ppl like your work honestly
Unknown Person
Clicked only for wallpaper
Noah Jeff
Hey at least you get a Fortnite skin...😂
Bill A
"E" for Everyone ;)
In my opinion it's the best of the three, due to not having that silly curved screen edges, which allows a full protection phone case all around the screen (not just half way around". When you crack your "edge" screen, you'll see what I mean. :D
Size if perfect too, hate those humongous sized ones, easier to access the full screen with one hand only, oh and it's a great bang for the buck.
Sukh Qazmi
e is for Economical!!!
I see you showing off that new MIA.
Mato Luta
I'll stick with my S9 which was cheaper than the 10e, has a better display, and I like the fingerprint reader where it is on the S9.
Chevvakula Srikanth
Screw all the tech companies for switching from a capacitive touch sensor to an In-display fingerprint sensor!!! Why? Doesn't the back have enough space for a bezeless phone??!
Rajiv Sahay
Is there heart rate sensor
Sunny So Cal
The only person reviewing a cellphone i trust thank you for always dropping quality content
how about calling it 'less of a rip but still a big rip to charge $750usd for a phone'.
Harel Jann
It's sure not a flagship.. then lets call'em: dreadnoughts. :p
J.C Meza
I'm getting this on Wednesday. I can't wait. I refuse to pay 1 K for a phone.
I think comparison should go against iPhone XS. Apart from pixel density 438 to 458, in most other areas S10e seems superior at almost -350€/$
Apple fan boy with a Xs Max here to collect my L. Samsung with a Big W
fuck my s9+
Division 4
Mark ass brownie
Anil Kumar
Please, have a review with Galaxy A50. Just waiting from you side.
Kyle Brooker
Marques: like the flagships are like 9 hundred thousand dollars 1:13
Me: rewinds video 3 times to make sure I'm not going mad
Also me: I need to take a nap!
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Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: 2 weeks ago   09:21

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