Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... 3 months ago   07:14

Marques Brownlee
Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"

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Just don't buy it if you're not in the US or Canada. That goes for the who s10 range. Exynos sucks. Less performance, worse battery life (about an hour of usage difference) and worse pictures taken with the allegedly identical cameras. Boycott Samsung outside of the US.
It's a premium phone not a mid range at all
Shinette Goleña
I don't know whatb is the difference but, I noticed his unit has "s10e" at the lower back of the phone. While mine are nothing. Anyone?
Apostolis Stefanou
Help please, i am around a 500-550 budget, Samsung S10e , Oneplus 6T or Oneplus7 ????
Kristine Wissell
Just had a accident (not a car accident) and cracked my lg g6. I use my phone for editing, should I fix the screen, get the s10e or the iPhone XR??
Ben Steele
DONT GET ONE. Worse phone ever. It's made out of glass which makes it impossible to hold on too. Cant do anything on it because when you give it a command it wont take it because you're touching the edge of the screen without even knowing it.
Maria Long
I just bought mine online at Best Buy for $449. Upgrade from S6.
Chris Pentzell
I just saw the s10e on sale at Best Buy (the Verizon version) for $550. At that price point, would you buy it over the Pixel 3a?
Thank you for the review, we are debating which to get and I was leaning to the S10 but now I kinda like the E. However could you tell me one thing you didn't is the voice quality on calls?
Thanks, you convinced me to buy the S10e!
Dr Niroop
What is that sensor next to led light?
Smart Guy
This phone is better than the any phone. Beautiful small design
sathya narayanan
I need that theme name
Thanks for the great points. Helpful.
Markus Salonvaara
Hole in screen and people are OK with it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Director: Me
Camera: 📽
A really nice phone for 500€
Siddusai Karri
The size of phone
Androids are for nonces
Jung Je Mi
Can i ask you something? So we can upgrade s10e's RAM from 6 to 8? Anyone, please answer me ;;-;; i need for information to make the decision. I wondering this one or the note9. Thank you
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Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: 3 months ago   09:21

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