What Actually Causes Dandruff? Fire in ZERO-G!! 7 months ago   09:02

This fungus lives on your scalp and may affect the genes you express.
Check out Head & Shoulders research on getting rid of dandruff: https://ve42.co/HS

Animation by Pindex: https://ve42.co/pindex

When I started this project, I wasn't sure what caused dandruff and I also didn't think much science would go into making a shampoo like Head & Shoulders. So what I learned really surprised me:

There are hundreds of scientists working on this shampoo. They run crazy-sounding experiments like hanging hair near Tokyo highways to understand how real-world environments deposit dirt on hair. They use sophisticated scientific techniques like electron microscopes, nuclear magnetic resonance and gene sequencing to study dandruff on the molecular level.

In fact they sequenced the entire genome of Malassezia globosa in 2002, one year after the human genome project. Their findings are published in international refereed journals. What they have found is that the Malassezia fungi create free fatty acids as byproducts of their digestion, which for some people create irritation and lead to hyper-proliferation of skin cells, flaking, histamines, inflammatory cytokines, and blood proteins reaching the surface of the skin. These findings indicate the unhealthiness of dandruff scalp and suggest a possible remedy - controlling the metabolism of the Malassezia fungi. This is achieved using different active ingredients in different products and different parts of the world, including zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, and piroctone olamine. With the reduction of irritants, the scalp actually expresses different genes, producing a signature more similar to a non-dandruff baseline scalp.

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Its 2018 and scientist use windows vista. Fascinating...
Sanj F
It’s a harmless commensal and it probably outcompetes the bad bugs. Leave it alone.
so also iust a big ad then
Uno más del Patriarcado
I do not buy P&G since the "toxic maculinity" propaganda...
When i do use other shampoo then Head and shoulders i will get so many dandruff
joseph jackson
I never had dandruff until my brother put his dandruff on me. Since then, I've had bad dandruff. MY BROTHER GAVE ME DANDRUFF
A video about dandruff starts with a dude showering and CGI chinese dinosaurs.

This is what makes the internet great
I use anti-bacterial shampoo from the drug store time to time. It keeps skin from irritating and producing nasty clear liquid that would turn into dandruff.
Isn't it irresponsible to grow these fungi in massive colonies and then open their containers without a fume hood?
Ok I'll click on this dandruff video


::Visible confusion::
Aditya Verma
You make me smarter everyday..
Classic ad!!
Genius Dog Poocho
I have the best hair in the world I don't use any of those products I release on YouTube eventually something amazing
Omer Feldman Yofiël
Unfortunately, he didn't address the real mystery: why Head & Shoulders shampoo contains only enough fungicide to control, but not eliminate, the fungal infection. In other words, why don't they cure dandruff, rather than just committing you to continual use of their product? For my part, I'd rather find a true cure for the disease, and not just a lifetime subscription to symptom suppression.
Head and shoulders effect my genes? I'm switching shampoo
Head and shoulders?
I used to have a lot of dandruff in my early teen years. Now im 19 and its almost gone! i dont know why or how.
Jonas Kircher
Maybe if they made ads like this in TV I wouldn't mind them so much. I also would maybe trust some cosmetic products more. However I doubt that this fungi is the only cause for dandruff, so it would probably still be best to go to a dermatologist and let them figure out what is causing the dandruff.
sumaiya noor
If Head & Shoulder can make Para-ban free, Sulphate free, Sodium Laureate free shampoo, may be hair and scalp health conscious individuals like myself will be their customers. But not with current formula with so many harmful chemicals even if it helps in removing dandruff.
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Fire in ZERO-G!! What Actually Causes Dandruff? 7 months ago   07:48

In a zero-g plane I experimented with flames and slinkies with surprising results.
Check out e-penser's video: http://ve42.co/EPzeroG
Check out Physicsgirl's video: http://ve42.co/PGzeroG

Thanks to Novespace: http://ve42.co/novespace

Special thanks to Patreon Supporters:
Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Nick Luchsinger, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen

The zero-g plane allows for a lot of experiments to be conducted without the expense of getting equipment into orbit. Apparently 80% of microgravity research can be performed in a zero-gravity plane, which is much cheaper than going to space. The flame from the lighter seemed much lazier in zero-g because without weight there is no buoyant force and therefore no convection. This makes the process of combustion more challenging because it's difficult for oxygen to reach the fuel.

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"Serene Story 2" "In Orbit 2"