Ride in a Bugatti Veyron Grandsport $2.5m Mansory Bugatti Veyron 2 days ago   04:00

Spencer Berke
Ride in the Bugatti Veyron Grandsport - For sale at @symbolicmotors. Black over Red Bugatti Veyron Grandsport - Removable roof. Great color scheme. Bugatti San Diego!

Call Spencer at 858.454.1800 or email for pricing Spencer@symbolicmotors.com

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$2.5m Mansory Bugatti Veyron Ride in a Bugatti Veyron Grandsport 2 days ago   03:34

I jump onboard Emilia Motors' incredible Mansory Vivere, a custom built Bugatti Veyron made by Mansory with price tag of about $2.5m! Based on the Bugatti Veyron, the Vivere is completely bespoke and limited to 2 units in the world. Aside the aesthetic modifications, the Vivere now produces 1100hp thanks to an ECU modification and finally the W16 engine sounds much better with a full titanium exhaust! In the video you will get to see and hear the car with a series of revs and onboard footages!

Special thanks to Tolga Tarak and Taner Tozan of Emilia Motors, Inc. for making this possible!

Make sure to visit their website for more: http://www.emiliamotors.com

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