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Brad Pitt Talking Patois | Jamaican Patois Greetings | Donalee - At Up-Tube.com

Brad Pitt talking patois Jamaican Patois Greetings | Donalee 7 months ago   03:45

Brad Pitt in the film 'Meet Joe Black' trying his very best patois.

Cracks me up every time I watch it!

Film: Meet Joe Black - 1998

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kakashi sharigan
And....I'm off to Netflix now!
Ann Rose
In the German dubbing I think he speaks Afrikaans 😅
Rogelio Ayala
Ovo xo that's Drake's clique
Patti Caplan
Rogelio Ayala
Uhhh She likey
When she says don't leave 😭😭😭😭😭
C Burgos
Most people criticize him on the accent, yet not take part on what is. Love=Death, Love=Heartbreak, War=Peace, you can't have one without the other.
AiZeN.n00b. SoSuKe
anyone knows the name of the music playing in the background?
Eerick Joslin
This scene was kinda funny cuz it is kinda weird seeing Pitt talk like this lol. But it did become moving. Drives the supernatural nature home how this dying woman recognizes death. Just watched this movie for the 1st time last night. Such an underestimated movie.
Francisco Rodriguez
You see, I was right. The devil is a white man!
I want my mother back. People say, don't comment personal shit on YouTube. I can't help it, I miss her. I FUCKING MISS HER.
Just a sec
This is such an underrated film.. People as old as me will recognise that the idea of Death as beautiful man was first exploited in touching episode of the Twilight Zone "Nothing in the Dark" about an old lady who spends her life fearing Death's arrival. When it comes it comes in the form of a helpful police officer played by Robert Redford who teaches that old lady not to fear him. Beautiful episode though I have kind of spoilt it for you (sorry1). I have always wondered if that episode inspired the story behind Joe Black..🤔
Brad Pitt is just a perfect actor, and this is an epic movie. I loved it. the only thing that bothers me is that Susan was in love with the death, (love this twist)not with the guy she met at the coffee shop, therefore having him back would not solve anything
Rogelio Ayala
So y'all gone send Trish-poop or nah? Cause I'm a wait till like 7 then boom, She gone!
I really wanna go down on him so bad.
Joanna Laird
This was perfection ...
Her acting is brilliant in this scene. One of the many highlights from this gem.
100% isocat
my mum died in 2015. and I gave up my university and my academic careere in international politics to care for her the last year. I want to make it possible, that she could die in her own rooms. She was so scared of death.. but everytime I watch this, I have to cry. But these tears are full of hope, that death is not bad, it is jus a part of us.
And i am so glad that i was part of her last days.. and now i will get great for her so that she can watch me and be proud of me.
Taylor Owen
man bwonsamdi really changed
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Jamaican Patois Greetings | Donalee Brad Pitt talking patois 7 months ago   04:04

After seeing the crazy success of my last patois (patwah) video, I finally decided to give the people what they want. In this video I will be going over common greetings. Let me know if you have any requests and I will create more of these for you!

♥︎Watch the last patois video featuring JkissaMakeup: http://bit.ly/1KKbfno

♥︎Lunch w/ Brother Green Eats http://bit.ly/1rfKfXZ

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