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What Do Dogs Think? || Ft. Jacksepticeye | I Had A Fake Boyfriend (Story Time) - At Up-Tube.com

WHAT DO DOGS THINK? || ft. Jacksepticeye I HAD A FAKE BOYFRIEND (Story Time) 1 year ago   06:03

Thanks to Bumbleworth for making such awesome 3D animations!

Thanks to Jacksepticeye for voicing our lil' doggo!

Also, friendos thanks to GingerPale for playing the Uke! :D

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Other Credits
3D character models supplied by LONG WINTER STUDIOS
You can check out their characters here: http://longwinterstudios.com/

Comments 12158 Comments

Anthro Girl
My puppy doesn't like car rides. o.o He cries...I think because...he CAN teleport! O__O _> o.o
I got the dog that depressed and by itself, yep that’s how you should do it
Jack pupticeye is adorable
Jack pugtickeye
I'm genuinely surprised Jack wasn't swearing his lungs out 😂
Isabel Kingan
Make more video’s with that dog
I wish my dog was Irish.
Mason- Blue -WOLF
3 awesome people appear in this video
Dead Man
I've watched this video several times, because it's freakin hilarious
Sage vlogs hey
t Thirdy
Elijah Walker
At 3:08, Jack sounds like he's saying BITCHrayal.
The_Circet_Box 283
poor jackaboi he dousent get a poopy
Nebula Galaxy
Souid Sourour
I like jackseptceye not you
Tristan Walls
Jack is a dog lol
Jeremiah Pokémon master videos
Hey den make a video about your childhood
Matthew l
Hat Kid
Jack is cute as a dog
Barrett Kilgore
Safuogshdoigsdhiogdagdaiocvacdihovfjoshfbvdksjfhvbaosaigvdoasiagvdiagaddvjkgasdvdvdkjagdfbvsdfuhkvhkuferwuhergefuriwguihwergewfurihgfweruohgferuwhoguiherwgfuihrguerfwkhgferuohwgwedjkhfbsdljhfbfdugeufrohwgoihewrgfhjrlwlhgjerwfgilrh hteitoth trich herctmrtfihretvtrevrtevvrnrtviniuonhiuho o kn
Carlos Garay
Isn't the girl's name belle???
Ahmad Richey
You farted 141k pounds of glitter
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I HAD A FAKE BOYFRIEND (Story Time) WHAT DO DOGS THINK? || ft. Jacksepticeye 1 year ago   05:08

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