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Charity and Andres, who were competitors on the popular television show, World of Dance, visit with host Diego Romo and share their experience of being a part of the show and their plans for the future.

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Claudina Lewis
Great Dancer, love
Storie Smith
Also Chairs neck is stronger than my entire body. She's amazing. You can just tell shes badass and fearless. Both of them.
Storie Smith
Theyre the best i have ever seen.... theyre going to take over the dance scene.... theyre perfect.
Fernando Souza
I guess this interviewer needs to do his homework... He shouldn't be making those kind of mistakes. You need to know much much more about who you are interviewing..
Michelle Shao
Duuude, the interviewer is talking way too much. He should let them talk more
Woofsandwags Petcare
Literally these two are by far my favorite dancers!!
Hunter Sinclair
How old are they?
Brittney Hanakowski
U are both so amazing and good at dance I wish I could dance like yous I do dance but I have only been dancing since last year
Monica Hoswell
Should do season 3!
Leslie Navarrete
super talented youth! excellent interview!!
Dominika R
So modest, so polite, so talented, all the best to these two!
Hey it’s Hannah
Ahn-dress? Ahn-drayes
Are they in a witness protection program? I'm having a hard time finding social media on Andres! When has anyone ever been on a talk show and not have their last names revealed? Uuurrrghhh
Joesephine Nathan
Ataahua - Beautiful energy, I love these two I would even pay to watch them both perform, maybe go on a World Tour and come to Nz!!
Rose Breen
My aunt keeps posting videos of them competing on Facebook. I watched their duet and fell in love with them! So beautiful! Makes me wish I could dance too. I'm definitely rooting for this beautiful couple!
Marie Fuentes
Seen a lot of dance - but they definitely are the best I’ve seen - so fresh- new- just awesome !
Both such amazing dancers and choreographers. No doubt there's a successful career in dance is ahead.
Abby Rosaz
I know andres I went to his moms dance studio for a year
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Sia - Elastic Heart (Dancing With World of Dance Utah Competitors 3 months ago   02:57

Sia's live performance on Dancing With The Stars (19/05/2015)

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