World of Dance Utah Competitors Charity & Andres Follow Up Perfection 7 months ago   08:11

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Charity and Andres, who were competitors on the popular television show, World of Dance, visit with host Diego Romo and share their experience of being a part of the show and their plans for the future.

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Tiana Yu
The interviewer says “Andres” like “Undress”
Kathy Bauman
Charity & Andres I don't have cable but caught your performances on W O D & was totally impressed, I wanted you to win the Mill, beautiful together, amazing choreography each time so different. Blessed future to you both.
Jayleen Beltran
Their posture is perfect like can’t relate
Nastya Korovska
what type of dance do they do?
אוריה שוחט
ohh Charity , you should teach only when your 50 now its your time to evolve. you2 are truly amazing preformers
Kenneth Cole
I can't be he started dancing when he was 6 and was so incredibly strong on the show Dance World! Most of those dancers started much younger like Charity! His lifts were always perfection and they are perfect duet partners! They are always connected to each other through out all the dances ! That's why they were so good and we're told they were the best duet on the show and they got the first perfect score on the show! That's the reason they beat Sean and Kaycee who I love but don't have enough experience with duet dancing,Charity and Andres brought it to a different level, they had total trust and every dance they had that connection throughout the dances ! Sometimes it seemed like Sean and Kaycee were two great solo dancers on the same stage not a duet ,brought utility they will grow with experience because they are awesome too ! Love to see more of Charity and Andres they deserve it ! Rachel Cole under my husbands screen name sorry!
Lydia G
Andres is so cute😍😍😍
Cate Courtot
Am I the only one who thought the interviewer pronounced Andres wrong?
You two are magic. I watched the Lab, who won the competition. Still shaking my head. You two, plus Karen y Ricardo, are such other-worldly performers. Well done.
Claudina Lewis
Great Dancer, love
Nom De Plume
Also Chairs neck is stronger than my entire body. She's amazing. You can just tell shes badass and fearless. Both of them.
Nom De Plume
Theyre the best i have ever seen.... theyre going to take over the dance scene.... theyre perfect.
Fernando Souza
I guess this interviewer needs to do his homework... He shouldn't be making those kind of mistakes. You need to know much much more about who you are interviewing..
Michelle Shao
Duuude, the interviewer is talking way too much. He should let them talk more
Woofsandwags Petcare
Literally these two are by far my favorite dancers!!
Hunter Sinclair
How old are they?
Brittney Hanakowski
U are both so amazing and good at dance I wish I could dance like yous I do dance but I have only been dancing since last year
Monica Hoswell
Should do season 3!
Leslie Navarrete
super talented youth! excellent interview!!
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Charity & Andres Follow Up Perfection World of Dance Utah Competitors 7 months ago   04:06

Dancing to Dean Lewis' "Waves," the junior contemporary duo proves they deserved their perfect score.
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Charity & Andres Follow Up Perfection with "Waves" by Dean Lewis - World of Dance 2018

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