How to Make a Proper Cup of ENGLISH TEA: Speak FLUENT (British) English 8 months ago   10:51

For the perfect cup of English tea use loose tea (never teabags which will not give you the same taste and a very bad for the environment. As well as good quality tea you will need: good water, good milk (if you are using it) and a good quality ceramic tea set.

In this video we'll take you through each of these steps so that you get the perfect brew every time.

George Orwell wrote an interesting article about making English tea.
famous chinese tea scholar Lu Yu (733–804) Known as "The sage of tea" wrote that the best water for tea comes from a mountain stream. For most people this is not possible but we have some age old tips to improve the quality of the tea.

For English tea with milk use Ceylon, Assam, Darjeeling or a blend like English breakfast. Earl Grey and other flavoured teas should be taken without milk.

Haruki Nanmie - A portrait of Lu Yu

By Selena N. B. H. from Fayetteville, USA - English WestminsterUploaded by JohnnyMrNinja, CC BY 2.0,

Mountain streamBy Sigfried Arnold (Suit) - Selbst fotografiert, mit Canon Powershot A20, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Keith Weller/USDA - Image Number K5176-3, Public Domain,


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Ip Wischin
Remaining equals tea bags.
Sandra Tarmamade
Hi Gideon. Thank you for sharing. Regards from new subscriber in Maputo Mozambique Africa
Anna Camus
You love coffee and I love you. Thank you for your great videos.
I don't drink coffee. I drink tea, using bags....which has got to be "Yorkshire Gold" because it's not mediocre in anyway.
Sonia Mayrink
This teacher is more than perfect. With him we learn : grammar in a totally relaxed way, writing, pronunciation , intonation, how to increase our vocabulary and he uses real
examples to make things easier, and he teaches everything with that wonderful and witty English sense of humour....that I adore, and his accent is an extra lesson. I'm kind
of "addicted" to his lessons and his way of teaching. Can't miss any of his videos. He really rocks.
Simple Guy
What's your take on green tea though?
Nd Nd
Justyna Wylaź
damn i need to have some tea brewed now :)
Anna Brooy
i want to work at your school, yet that's impossible because i live in Ukraine. anyway, many thanks for making these amusing and inspiring videos! love the way you bring your content - it doesn't feel like studying at all! keep it coming :)
yuqui b
Since I've heard you and I've seen you, my English has improved so much, every word you say helps me especially for my work. I am working for a Real State in Spain. I would like that you record some video about it. Thak you very much teacher.
iva nor
Hello teacher. I like the way you teach english.It's helpful and also fun.Thank you
Roxy Rocky
So true
Thanks for sharing this
Data Addict
Great video topic and tips! I live in Colorado next to the Rocky Mountains, but still filter my water. I grew up in the South (USA) where Iced Tea is the only way we drank it. I’ve done taste testing of all sorts and have also found Twinings English breakfast tea makes the BEST Iced Tea you can make (I prefer it black, no sugar). I’ve practiced precise iced tea-making for years, but now I’ll have to get away from my tea bags and find a proper tea set to make an even better glass of iced tea – thanks for the inspiration!
Thank you. I adore tea.
Ahmed Mameri
In Algeria we've many ways to prepare tea, but without milk.
iolanta batus
It was like I took a nice cup of English tea with you! Great video! Thank you!
Blue light
Thanks for this English black tea with milk recipe which i think i should try even if i'm addicted to green tea that i take every morning and evening.
eman abbas
What did you mean when you said "stay tuned" i wanna know please.
nealanilove life
Cup of tea with dash of milk.Yak....
zeph yu
It is totally different from my homeland, China.
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