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Stock Car Racing Big Crashes And Fires.mov | 1967 Usac Yankee 300 Indianapolis - At Up-Tube.com

Stock Car Racing Big Crashes and Fires.mov 1967 USAC Yankee 300 Indianapolis 5 months ago   08:46

Some amazing Lucky escapes from Burning Stock Cars and Bangers, Including the Terrible Fire at Cowdenbeath with Chalky White.

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Ariana Grande
I went to 1 of these banger races today
alyssa 113
I race this but I am new and my number is 113 my brothers is 313 and I had a sister but .......died in a crash:(
John Smith
Scary stuff. That last one was spooky. Glad he got out. The guys did a great job.
Michael De Jong
Hadar Zadkiel
The flag marshals suck! The drivers cant see ya wavin the flag when ur standing 50 yards back
Hadar Zadkiel
The flag marshals suck! The drivers cant see ya wavin the flag when ur standing 50 yards back
will lindsay
I remember the chalky white fire like it was yesterday. he was in the car was while it was on fire for 28 seconds another 10 seconds and he would have died. he wasnt wearing race gloves so the skin was coming off his hands and the zip on his race suit was melted so had to be cut off him, he was in hospital for a very long time and it was my father who had a few laps before retired from the race that puled him from the car ( will lindsay 233 ).  john fortune did get a life ban and was reduced to ten years for deliberate fencing and the fire but he wasnt to blame for the fire that was due to no fuel cap on the tank they recon it was like a radiator cap just a half turn to remove it and he lost it the lap before the fire in a tangle with another car.
I love this kind of races
Jade Ewings
Yee, my daddy at 1:33/4. All these new safety regulations have ruined the amazing motorsport which was banger racing. Things should go back to the way they were! x
Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen
Didn't these cars have breakes O_o
Danish Hussain
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5:43 is Paul Shepherd

R.I.P Newton Abbot :(
Richard Barwick
Yes chalky white had burns to his hands. They didnt use screw on fuel caps then and fuel tank was underneath the exhaust. John got a life ban which was later reduced.
At 7:04 that guys ghost riding in a way.
Shadeau Bristowe
New Zealand stockcars are much better than these just simply type in nz stockcars or nz superstocks
kylie jeynes
this is pretty old stuff... but still amazing
the one that rolled over???
Ryan Dance
scary 7mins 3secs and 8mins 13secs
superb video. incredible how many names are still gracing the ovals today. Richard Beere, Brett Ellacott, Colin White to name a few. Never seen the chalky white fire - that was shocking to watch but the marshalls were outstanding.
sam bone
My uncle shane in mini 977
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1967 USAC Yankee 300 Indianapolis Stock Car Racing Big Crashes and Fires.mov 5 months ago   07:03

See Parnelli Jones decimate the field of USAC all stars including Andretti and Foyt.

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