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Al Pacino: Nobody Wanted Me In 'the | Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During - At Up-Tube.com

Al Pacino: Nobody wanted me in 'The Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During 7 months ago   03:23

Al Pacino sat down with USA TODAY's Bryan Alexander and reveals that he had an uphill battle to be part of 'The Godfather' movie franchise.

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Ismayil Arifoglu
Just a week ago, I watched “the heat” 1995 Hollywood movie. Constellation of talented actors in one spot. Al Pacino, Robert de Niro and other stars. Just amazing action.
Etel Lilian Amosprofa Ortiz Alva
It is terrible for me to see him too old, he was so handsome and smart all his performance, we missed him in the movies ...
charles barboza
I don’t idolize men or women, but, as an Actor, I idolize Al Pacino!!! Great Actor.
Eva Meilia
Al..you're the legend with great films
All For One
Did you know the scene where Micheal Kills Sollonzo(or whatever his name is) convinced everyone that Al is perfect being cast Michael Corleone because nobody wanted him except for Francis, James and Diane
Johnny Mata
I Despise Lame "Know Nothing" Interviewers And Reporters. When It Comes To Interviewing A Legendary Film Actor Do Your Homework You Idiot!! The Studio Executives Didn't Want Al Pacino To Be Casted In The Film, He Was Unknown Back Then. They Wanted Ryan O'Neal Or Robert Redford For The Part Of Michael Corleone. James Caan And Martin Sheen Also Tested For The Part. Francis Ford Coppola Always Wanted Al Pacino In The Film And Succeeded.
Interviewer is terrible.
Rick R
bad interviewer, doesn't question anything. Did they not know who they were interviewing? yeah, yeah, yeah, sounds like me on the phone with my mom. All fun here, no need to get on my bad scarcasm side.
1:23 Pacino clearly states Brando didn't want him in the role.
2:40 Pacino clearly states that Marlon wanted him in the role.
Bharat Kalyan
He isn't blinking his eyes while talking.. Damn he can't be more honest
Brando didn't want me
Marlon was really happy with me
One Bad Apple
Fredo.....you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever takes sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.
All that coke now he look like shit
Would have been the biggest mistake for Francis
Stone Hobson
Good interview skills by Alexander. Keeping it flowing, letting him speak without leading, and gliding smoothly past the small errors.
Riccardo Depaoli
this is the worst actor on tee planet, next to brando
Ronnie Bishop
Nobody wanted Brando either, even more ha. Pacino is one of my favorite actors of all time and of course his rolls have been far and wide.
J Lock
If I hear that guy say, YEAH, one more time. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Montana
My favorite movie is Scarface beacouse Al Pacino have that gift from god to be the greatest gangster in the world
Greatness Awaits
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Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During Al Pacino: Nobody wanted me in 'The 7 months ago   04:31

Michelle Pfeiffer explains how she almost lost out on her star-making role in Scarface because Al Pacino didn't want her, until she injured him during a screen test.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Cut Al Pacino During Her Scarface Audition