Mustang Shelby GT350 Review FORD WON'T FIX MY GT500 SUPER 2 months ago   13:01

Cars, Costs and Technology
This is what happens when you put a Corvette owner in a Mustang Shelby GT350...

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Just hit 7k today 👍👍 Thank you guys for your continued support! Remember to let me know what you want me to review next.
nochill dav
The way you shifts, gives me cringes omg T_T
- -
I must have missed it; was this a demo car or something? If I was the buyer of a sports car that had been taken to redline before break-in and had the clutch melted for some stupid youtube video, I'd be furious.
Curt Chesney
Annoying to see a rich guy complaining about gas guzzler tax. smh. Nice car tho!
Curt Chesney
Apsco Radiales
Thank you for non-biased review.
Sign of a true car long as it has wheels and an engine, it's good to go!
This foo don't know how to downshift WTF. Epic fail reviewer. You don't go to neutral, you downshift, especially on a high-revving engine SMH
Michael Winkle
I feel sorry for whoever buys this car. He's wrapping it out with only 8.4 miles on it where the break in.
What an amazing car to learn stick on hahahahaha
Colin Davis
you talk fast
V Tach
Evan at 51 yoa, I found the GT350 more expensive to insure than even the Z06 Vette. My insurance guy couldn't really explain why. He theororized that as it was within reach of more people dollar wise, it was probably more prone to being wrecked.
Quit going into neutral at those speeds... really dangerous. Corvette owners lmao
Terry Bruce
When you are driving along who really notices a Mustang... its still just a Ford... but a Corvette … that is a whole different league.
Fancyflashdrive Roller coaster enthusiast
I would probably take the gt350 over the c7. I feel that for a car with a 6.2L v8, the c7 should hit at least 500 horsepower. If you get a corvette, get the Z06
Good review, but darn you need to learn how to drive lol. Throwing it in neutral after acceleration, then just putting it back into gear, without rev matching!?
Sequester Bartholomew Rosenthal
Doesn’t it need to be broken in before you rev it above 5k
Preston Bonner
why are talking so fast!! slow down...
Loading Loading
why don't they make shelby in automatic? i don't want a manual.
Stephan Stephanoff
That color though omg beautiful
Ive heard the gt350 is unreliable... more and more engine failures on the boards can be seen. Oil leaking gaskets and boom...
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FORD WON'T FIX MY GT500 SUPER Mustang Shelby GT350 Review 2 months ago   10:05

Finally had the chance to take in the 2014 Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake to the Ford Dealership. The problem is much worse than expected. The dealership cannot do the required repairs, they said call Shelby.
Stay tuned for much more of the "Shelby Lifestyle" as well as McLaren content. The GT500 Super Snake and GT350R are looking forward for their British brother to arrive... the new McLaren 600LT!
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