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Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI Turkish translator in her latest newscast offers some warnings to American and Turkish people regarding their freedoms. The people are the most powerful and can demand the changes. NATO, CIA, Military Industrial Complex have no right to push their will onto our societies.
Gulen and his imam ordusu must leave our society and return to Turkey to face their crimes.

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Friendly sky
Read F William Engdahl's The Lost Hegemon, Whom the Gods Would Destroy!

Read Ian Johnson's A Mosque in Munich!

Islam is the world's biggest cult.
sukran hazır
crime and Fetullah Gülen can't exist together.He always advised his followers to act peacefully and this woman is a big liar.Time will prove he hasnt attempted any kind of coup .His followers women,men,teenagers,old people are all jailed and tortured.Shame on the ones who turn a blind eye to this injustice.Only Allah will show their innocence.
One day , you will say that "Turkey warned us." but it will be too late.I hope it won't happen
Hakan Kilic
Picture this guys: I was interviewed for an IT position for one of their Charter Schools in NJ (I can't even remember the name). After a couple valid questions, the last questions were: - Do you pray?- Which brothers (ranked group members) do you know?- Which books (Gulen's) have you read?Go and figure for yourself! Of course I was not hired for the position because I talk when I don't agree with something they do. Or in others words, I am not a Gulenist as they expected.
Halady Sheela prabhu Prabhu
to all who will watch the video I requested u to putin has pulled out once he got to know about the plans of the nwo our saviour is putin
Halady Sheela prabhu Prabhu
cemaatkaz read my comment please
Halady Sheela prabhu Prabhu
Why don't you tell some muslim friends about the plans of the nwo and to make videos in Arabic and post them on Arabic sites time for the local muslims to know about the plans of the nwo too???and how they are being used yes
Ibram B
usa and its partner gulen get out and stay out of turkey.
Tom Bombadil
Anyone that thinks this video is far fetched google "School of the Americas". Time to catch up!
Muzaffer alev               Bu İslami siteleri niçin hazırladım? :   Muzaffer Alev :
Nukes in Turkey: I understand Erdogan is holding America's tactical nukes base hostage! He demanded poppy $. Needless to say, you are probably already evil if you partner with evil.
Also take note that Erdogan gave a verbal threat to America if Gulen isn't handed over.
Aceberg Tunc same part of speech Texas state will be taken over in time the program time was in 2015..
Fethullah Gulen should be kicked out of USA. He is escaped USA from turkish government years before Erdogan. Don't know Mr.Gulen then wacth the links to understand.
and share them if you like
Aceberg Tunc
kullanılmak için ideal biri
pishi me
she is so naiff do you think us gov dont know abut what he do ? its there buddy . they made him from 0 to know .
prive prive
Why America support the terrorist P.K.K. and ISIS= ISRAEL SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (MOSSAD )
Wake up American citizen support for a strong Turkya from Morocco.
Call the White House 1-202-456-1111
cyndy t
Report from investigation of the schools
Reckless 4334
gulen feeding some senators and mainstream media. wake up america just look google for fethullah gulen. just one important question. how can he built an empire like this? this is answer.
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